A New End

[Report in the Communication Tome]

This is Keliera Dawndancer of the Convocation, reporting on our recent pitched battle with the flighted forces of the Sethekk. Despite significant casualties, I am pleased to report significant successes.

For several weeks in Tanaan, we have been dogged by a high-ranking lieutenant of the Sethekk, whom we initially encountered in Highmaul, where she stole an ancient arakkoan weapon from the caches of the Magisters there. This artefact drained one of our own of their powers of the Light, and as such, she has been a significant target during our time in Tanaan.

Setting up in the Thundertail Wallow, an open lagoon southwest of Lion’s Watch, we utilised an Apexis containment relic alongside several priest-created angelic feathers to provide a source of Light enough to bait the forces of the fel arakkoa. Aided by our allies in the Order of the Awakened, we initially killed three fel-corrupted dread ravens and a flock of fel kaliri before the arakkoa army showed themselves.

The battle progressed swiftly, with the hostile arakkoa summoning numerous felfire elementals and an infernal to initially attack us. We avoided significant wounds during this stage of the battle, and the infernal was fortunately downed with only minimal injury from its death throes.

Following this, a flock of fel bladewings and sages set upon us, aided by their commander, using both powers of Light and Fel thanks to the weapon she possessed. Thanks to our allies taking on her army, we were able to catch her with chains and nets, dragging her to the floor before engaging in combat.

While the battle initially went in our favour, the arakkoa, a corrupted sage, managed to activate our apexis artefact, releasing a powerful void creature from its prison to aid her. Quick thinking from our magi and priests stunned it while we recovered the weapon, using its powers of the Light to banish the void being.

A note to our allies – this creature is one none of us have encountered before. It is less powerful than a void god, but far superior to a void walker, unbound in shape with powerful wings. It is similar to void signals we have detected within the Citadel, suggesting the Legion has access to this previously unseen creature. We urge utmost caution if anyone else encounters such a creature, as it was able to absorb several of the arakkoa and devour their souls without issue.

Despite this uphill struggle, the arakkoa were ultimately defeated, and several useful Apexis artefacts recovered from their army. A vital member of the Sethekk upper caste has been defeated, which will hopefully clear the way to gaining control over the Apexis ruins in the jungle’s northwest and isolating the Sethekk within the Citadel. The power of the ravens over the skies has been curtailed, and we expect travel to now be less risky for all.

Despite our success, we experienced significant damage from the fel magic used, and will have to spend some time recovering before we are able to rejoin our allies’ campaign against the Iron Horde. Until then, we will be recovering in the Refuge, and wish our allies honour and victory.

Lok’tar Ogar!
– Keliera Dawndancer



[Report in the Communication Tome]

Our luck in the arakkoa ruins has not held. We attempted to reach the upper tier tonight, but found it reinforced and significantly saturated with fel energy, which made movement and healing much harder for our forces.

We initially succeeded in killing the guards to the tier, but found that beyond it, the Sethekk arakkoa have summoned large numbers of demons and are using fel-powered apexis golems to defend their holdings. Additionally, unlike the arakkoa we have previously fought, the arakkoa here have retained their wings, and consequently are faster, stronger and recover faster than regular arakkoa bladewings. We were able to blow up several crystals before being forced to retreat.

While we escaped without fatalities, we have yet to reach the highest tier, where Iskar’s lieutenants are fortified. The demons in the area include shivarra and wrathguards, as well as the imps and observers we reported yesterday.

We are now low on supplies, but managed to heal our party with a crate of medical supplies recovered by members of the Hand of the Titans, to whom we are very thankful. While we are invested in helping end the threat here, we are not strong enough at present, and so will be returning to Rangari Refuge soon to resupply and meet up with the rest of our allies, to determine our next move.

We hope that the fight goes well elsewhere. Lok’tar Ogar!
-Arcanist Keliera Dawndancer


[Report in the Communication Tome]

The Convocation proceeded into the Ruins of Kra’nak tonight, backed up by our own arakkoa allies, in a first strike against the Legion-allied Sethekk and their Shadow Council allies. The arakkoa of Aktar’s Post are eager for blood and have proved helpful so far. Our camp is safely warded and has yet to be attacked by the Legion, which has provided a welcome respite.

On the first tier we encountered three hostile groups of arakkoa warlocks and a fel raven similar to those we fought yesterday. We dispatched them without significant casualty, and uncovered a sunstone similar to others used to power Apexis relics, however, significantly corrupted by the warlocks.

The Ruins themselves are Apexis, and are separated into several tiers. The tier closest to the camp is second-highest, with one above and two below. We detected significant fel presences in the upper tier, and chose to forego exploring it. Our magi and the arakkoa detected a different magical presence in the lowest tier, so we chose to explore the remaining tier.

Proceeding into the second-lowest tier by a ramp, we saw several groups of warlocks, and were immediately noticed by an observer. Our forces stunned the observer, incapacitating its warlock master and distracting from our arrival. Another group of warlocks and a felblood crusher were then dispatched.

It was at this point that our luck began to turn. With the observer dead, another two groups of arakkoa and orc warlocks set upon us, while the magical presence from below – an extremely powerful ogre warlock – approached, along with three imps and a second observer. We managed to banish the observer, but were forced into a retreat. The ogre threw several chaos bolts at us as we retreated, though we were able to prevent it following by using the corrupted sunstone to destroy the ramp.

Ultimately, we made it back to the camp just before several fel-tainted arakkoa caught us. The arakkoa forces lost two of their number, but were able to plant numerous explosives that helped take out more warlocks. The following enemies were eliminated:
9 Legion-Affiliated Arakkoa
5 Orc Warlocks
1 Fel-Corrupted Dread Raven
1 Demonic Observer (Killed)
1 Demonic Observer (Banished)

This was close, but a good battle. With the first tier of the ruins close to being secured, hopefully this leaves us more breathing room to push back against the arakkoa and remove the Shadow Council’s presence here.

– Arcanist Keliera Dawndancer of the Convocation of Elrendar.

Dawn of the Sethekk

[Report in the Communication Tome]

This is Keliera Dawndancer, writing on behalf of Overseer Anrithen Eirvaness while he tends to our supplies and wounded.

Today the Convocation set out from Vol’mar to rendezvous with our arakkoa allies at Aktar’s Post, near a set of ancient arakkoan ruins in the northwestern hills of the Jungle, by way of a mountain path that stretches past Zeth’gol. Due to our prior struggles with the northern side of the jungle, we took the long route, passing Lion’s Watch and heading through the Zorammarsh to the main road.

Fortunately, we encountered no difficulties from the Iron Horde’s orcs on our travels, but the roads are significantly more dangerous than when we have traversed them previously. On our way through Zorammarsh, corrupted ravens (of similar scale to those you can see in the wild in the Spires of Arak) attacked us, demonstrating sharp talons as well as a firebreathing ability. While we survived this initial attack, we encountered more serious difficulties later on.

While scaling the mountain pass to Aktar’s Post, a survivor of the previous battle set upon us again, causing significant wounds to several of our party via felfire, while at the same time several arakkoa set upon us. These arakkoa were fel-corrupted members of the Sethekk caste and had gained new wings, suggesting that the power offered to them by the Legion is greater than we first thought.

Fortunately, intervention by the arakkoa of the Order of the Awakened prevented fatalities, but we lost several crates of supplies to felfire. Three Sethekk arakkoa and three fel-corrupted ravens were slain.

We urge all our allies to be extremely careful on the roads as the Sethekk appear to be becoming more bold in their attacks. The Sethekk’s leader, an arakkoa known to the Order as Iskar, controls tainted kaliri which are scouting the jungle, and we were unable to shake their eyes throughout our entire journey. If any of you count shaman, warlocks or mages in your number, we suggest looking for any ways possible to hide yourselves from the kaliri.

We hope that our allies’ recent successes will help find a way to cut off the Sethekk’s powers of observation. Morale is lower here than we would like, but the arakkoa here appear poised to make significant gains against their Legion-worshipping brethren.

Wishing all our allies success against the Legion,
Arcanist Keliera Dawndancer of the Convocation of Elrendar.

Gorian Gifts

Text in the Communications Tome:
Notes on the Ogre Waygate System for the Perusal and Illumination of Our Allies

Following our arrival in Tanaan Jungle and the establishment of Lion’s Watch, our forces uncovered an unusual waygate of Gorian make, along the riverbank leading southwest from the Watch. Fortunately, the forces of Gul’dan do not appear concerned with it, which has left it free for our study.

Like others reported across the continent, the waygate is placed upon a strong ley-line nexus (and the strongest we have found within Tanaan), suggesting a mastery of portal-magic by the Witch-Lords of the Gorian Empire. These nexuses allow each waygate a sizable mana pool, helping to lessen the impact of opening portals on individual mages. The waygate appears in ruins, but the magical framework required to open portals is still well-maintained, which I theorise is down to the spirit of an ancient ogre-mage tied to the waygate. The spirit appears non-hostile and has not reacted to our attempts at communication, nor nearby sparring, so it appears safe to ignore it.

To activate the waygate, a mage trained on portals should tap into the magical framework, at which point they will be able to detect and select other available nexuses. In coordination with regular portal magic from the mage, the waygate will activate a one-way portal to the target location, which will remain open for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, dependent on the strength of the nexus at the time.

Of course, this presents a problem if we want to move supplies into Tanaan, as no waygate is close to our supply lines. Research in the Lunarfall garrison has revealed that a substitute can be made, by routing portal magic through the waystones used by Draenor’s ogre-magi. A portal created in this way mimics a waygate and can connect to others until the stones’ inherent magic is drained, at which point they are inert until they naturally recharge (we have theorised that their magic is a blend of elemental and arcane, allowing for it to naturally replenish itself). These imitation portals are dependent on the supply of waystones, as a waystone takes several days to recharge itself. Currently, our supply allows us to create a portal once every second day. To establish a permanent regular supply route, a large supply of waystones should be stored.

Alongside several copies of the above notes, which are circulated among those of magical inclination in Rangari Refuge, the following Report appears in the Communication Tome:

These notes have been copied by arcanist Keliera Dawndancer of the Convocation of Elrendar for dissemination among our allies, so that we of the Horde may co-ordinate safer and faster supply deliveries to help us in the campaign against the forces of the Burning Legion in Tanaan. To this end, my thanks go to Magus Cynndia of the Violet Shroud, who initially compiled these research notes and graciously allowed me access to them; and to her comrades, especially Sergeant Dalathar Locke, with whom we have come to a cordial agreement allowing the Horde use of the waygate detailed within these notes. We hope this will lead to continued bountiful co-operation.

Given the contents of these notes, the Horde will need to amass its own store of waystones to create a long-term supply chain, unless we route our supplies via Lunarfall, which will come at significant time and financial cost. If any member of the Horde has obtained any of these waystones, they are welcome to donate them to their commanders in Vol’mar or Rangari Refuge – provided that they check themselves that these are waystones, and not compacted clefthoof dung.

A choice of where we open our own portal has yet to be made, but for ease of use by our allies it is likely to be within one of the Frostfire garrisons nearest Draka’s Reach. We are also yet to decide on a form of signal with the Alliance to show when each is making use of the portal, in order to prevent shipment clashes. Until this is settled, it will be simple enough to do on an ad-hoc manner via the Communications Tomes, as only the commanders need inform each other until a permanent schedule is settled.

Finally, we have recorded signs of attempted interference with the portal by arakkoa since our initial meeting with the Violet Shroud, and suggest that any parties sent to recover shipments are well-armed in case of ambush, and also sent before the shipment is due to arrive, in case of theft.

With a strong supply route on our side, the Horde can begin moving out from Vol’mar and pushing the Fel Iron Horde towards the Citadel, and towards our ultimate victory over the Legion. Lok’tar!

– Arcanist Keliera Dawndancer of the Convocation of Elrendar.


[Urgent Message in the Communication Tome]

This is an urgent request for aid to any brothers, sisters or friends of the Horde in the area near Western Tanaan. After making landfall in southern Tanaan, the forces of the Hand of the Titans and Convocation of Elrendar proceeded into Tanaan through the swamps.

Proceeding along the main road, we were ambushed by Sargerei, and sustained serious wounds at the hands of an infernal. We are in need of healing and are not strong enough to push through the Front to rendezvous with the forces of the Beastmaw Warband.

If you are reading this message and are able, please send help immediately! We are holed up against the Cliffside east of the Iron Front, and south of the first crossroad on the main road.

-Keliera Dawndancer,
Arcanist of the Convocation of Elrendar

Addendum – Report

The first excursion of the Hand of the Titans and Convocation of Elrendar into Tanaan had a mixed result. While travel through Zorammarsh to the main road from our initial landing spot was without issue aside from some minor skirmishes with animals, our luck deteriorated upon reaching the road.

Initially delayed by a rampaging ancient who had been driven mad by fel corruption, we were then ambushed by a group of disguised Sargerei who summoned an infernal and attacked us. While our comrades in the Hand successfully held off the Sargerei with a magical wall, the infernal did significant damage to our melee forces and we were forced to flee after it exploded in our midst.

Reaching a small grove of trees, we hid and healed our wounded while sending a message for aid to our allies. The Beastmaw Warband responded in force, helping escort us to Rangari Refuge.

Fortunately, we made it through the Iron Front without significant casualties, and I am pleased to report that we suffered no fatalities on this mission, and all injured are recovering well. We are now ensconced in Rangari Refuge and able to make concerted attacks against the Fel Iron Horde with our allies.

Lok’tar Ogar! For the Horde!
-Keliera Dawndancer
Arcanist of the Convocation of Elrendar



I spun at the voice from behind me.

“Who’s there?” I cried into the jungle darkness.

I am here. You hold me in your satchel.

“Who- what-“ I scrambled through my satchel. Wands, mana gems, rations, bandages, Lakka’s ashes. Lakka’s ashes.

“You – it can’t be-“ I stared at the ashes, feeling sweat trickle along my neck in the jungle heat. I reached down gently, grasped the case, pulled it out of the bag. It thrummed with energy.

Oh, it can. The magic of Rukhmar transcends death, child. Especially when there is… Unfinished business.

The case thrummed harder, hotter. I set it down on the floor.

“I- I don’t understand…”

In time.

The case shone and light beamed out, bouncing off the trees, their tainted leaves being burnt away. The light cast shadows over me, until I could see the figure form within it – thin, tall, proud. As the light faded away, she was left there – Lakka.

I scrambled back, falling onto my hands and feet.

“You’re supposed to be dead! I saw you die!” I hissed.

And I am. I can no more effect this plane now than the High Sage could.

“Then why? Why are you here?”

That is for us to find out. You were at the council with the emissaries. The arakkoa have a new god. Asghar dares not speak its name. The Conclave have plans, child. Plans for the Legion, and this world. Plans neither you or I factor into.

“Plans? But we all have plans.”

Make no mistake. You are involved now, more involved than you know. The future of this world is far from decided. The future of my people even less so. I could not see how blind Sethe made me – how blind he has made my people, how blind the gods of Arak have made all arakkoa.

The future is coming. It is fast and bright and beautiful. It is dark and clutching and terrifying. It is everything and nothing. It must be shaped. And as I am beyond help, it must be you to do so.

The arakkoa sat down in front of me. Unlike before, the fel taint was gone from her wings, the maddened red eyes now clear and bronze, any sign of the curse absent.

Let me tell you of my people.