Faerie Dragon

This one’s 750-ish words, I had intended to make it into a series but I couldn’t think of an ending that fit, so I never got past the first chapter. Made it after discovering the Whispering Forest in Tirisfal.

Faerie Dragon.

The mere mention of it was enough to sent chills down my spine, the promise of story and imagination in all its glory. I hadn’t felt like this in years. I’d never even dreamed I’d see one.

There it was. The legends from my childhood made real. A three-foot wingspawn with the shimmering colours and stars of the wildest night sky, edged by curving, translucent spikes. The body of a lizard, bright blue as the clearest sky in Lordaeron. A tail that spiralled smaller and smaller, segmented purple and navy.

Those who saw one were blessed by the Light, by the pagan gods of the southern nomads, by the Dragons and Titans of past myths. Wealth by the barrel, the greatest crop yields in years, luck in marriage and family for generations. All benefits of finding one, seeing one, touching one.. But they were rare. There was never more than one sighting per year, often less, but always during the harvest season, when the world streaked all the colours one could think of. And they -always- brought happiness. No family who managed to see one, whether they were good and pious or foul and unlucky, had ill brought upon them afterwards. Those who told the stories seemed to light up rooms when they recounted tales, each one more bright and exaggerated than the last. They could have ended up homeless in the Sewer Quarters of Stratholme and still been happy, had they remembered that tale.

Their words were hungered by the peasant masses, to know that a friend, a relative, a village, had been blessed for a generation. I had forgotten entirely the legend of the Faerie Dragons – yet even after the Scourge, the formation of the Forsaken, the death of Archimonde and the formation of the New Alliance and the New Horde and so much more – I could remember. I had thought my memories lost to the hallowed halls of time themselves, unable to remember much more than flashes and blurs. Yet this one sight had brought back everything I had ever heard at once, every glorious song, tale, drawing I had encountered of them. It was astounding, perplexing, and all too impossible. So many Forsaken went through their entire ‘lives’ without ever having a single memory of their first lives. Many knew nothing more than the name on their gravestone. Some were driven insane by the lucid memories of every terrible atrocity they had committed against the living in the Scourge’s name – some were simply driven by that. Driven to more atrocities.

I was lost for words. A beautiful blazing sight in the midst of the Sewers of the Undercity – where the old neat square labyrinths of Lordaeron’s Capital met the spiralling underground tunnels where the Forsaken dumped failed creations. It had led to the most amazing mortal-made ecology of the last decade. Mindless beings with the intelligence of animals, acting just as animals wandered amongst strange, broken Forsaken with no will for anything, amongst tree-sized mushrooms that glowed in the dark, feasting off detritus that flowed in from the Necropolis just above it. Night elves resided within trees, but the curious undead underclass here that barely knew the world’s existence beyond their own had crafted homes into mushrooms. Not out of mushrooms, like the Cenarion Expedition or the Sporelings. In the mushrooms themselves. Neither plague nor natural, these towering beasts crept along the filthy caverns whilst glowing fungal ferns and flowers littered the ground. Whole neighbourhoods that the ruling Forsaken had grown ignorant to as they dug into the ground for more waste-dump space. Or storage space. You never know.

A Faerie Dragon. Amongst this. Why? Were they truly as intelligent as the druids had said? I still don’t know why, but something had brought a Faerie Dragon to the undergrowth of the Undercity, to the Forsaken within who were perhaps more Forsaken than their brethren, and to me. I reached my hand out, the wings of the creature reflecting every multicoloured fungal light a hundred-times over until the whole cavern was a blaze of delirious light. I felt so wonderful, energy wrapping round me as my exposed bones moved towards it. Its beady black eyes met my own gray sockets. I could feel it direct its energy towards me as my fingers met its claw. A brief, bright, second, yet the echoes would last forever.

So alive… So full… So happy…



This is a post I found lurking around my folders, and from the contents I’d say it was intended as the 4.2 trailer. Very different to what -actually- happened, but hey. I even did a map, which I’m not going to try digging up. I’ve included this because it’s the second (or third) incarnation of the ridiculous Cata ending I’m still going on about in my head… I’m not sure if I still have the first copy, which involves Med’an and was written very nearly 2 whole years ago. I’ll have a look around.

Reading it now I can tell just how much my writing’s improved – and how it will continue to, hopefully.

Also, 4000+ words, wow. Surprised I wrote that.

Hyjal’s Rebirth

It’s midmorning in Azeroth. Atop Mount Hyjal much of the forest has been reclaimed, but as we zoom in plumes of smoke still litter the mountain, and the Twilight’s Hammer remains grasping onto its southern holdings.
As we progress towards the top, toward Nordrassil, we see a considerable gathering forming in the region at the base of Nordrassil. As well as this, we see a considerably large village has sprung up in the months since the beginning of the campaign. As the view closes in further we see Ysera stood at the balcony overlooking the Well of Eternity. She is communing with those in the Emerald Dream, and as we pass, her eyes snap open, glowing with the colours of a thousand planets and every living thing within them.
Beyond her, at the Well itself we can see teams of green dragons, waiting on the shores or floating above it. Three groups descend from the sky and we see them holding in each group a collection of bones – the first requires a team just to hold the massive head. It is the Boar Ancient, Agamaggan, salvaged from the location he died, now known as Razorfen City (capital of the Quilboar race) in the Barrens. The others are the corpses of the Twin Bears – the Ancients Ursoc and Ursol, their corpses found by the remaining sane Furbolg of the Grizzly Hills. As each corpse is lowered in powerful ripples coat them and the three corpses begin to shimmer with the residual power in the Well.
Beyond the well and in and amongst the village, we see a considerable army gathered in the glade. Tyrande and Malfurion are there with cadres of druids, priestesses and sentinels, whilst Shandris Feathermoon leads a contingent from the Alliance army itself. Hammuul Runetotem and Cadistra (His second-in-command) are responsible for the druids of Thunder Bluff, whilst Aggra, Thrall and Nobundo lead the delegates of the Earthen Ring. Tess Greymane and Zen’tabra also represent the druids of Gilneas and the Echo Isles respectively, although they are significantly fewer in number.  There are also a small battalion of Argent Crusade soldiers, as well as a Horde wargroup led by Varok Saurfang.
Beyond the mortal armies that have gathered in the village lie the Ancients and their servants in the vale to the west. Aessina, with the druids of Balance; Aviana, with the druids of the Talon; Goldrinn, with the druids of the Scythe; Tortolla, with the druids of the Shell; and the remaining druids, who as yet have no Ancients to follow.
We gradually have circled the entire vale and return to Ysera, where her channelling communion with Nordrassil is interrupted by the opening of a portal from Coldarra. As Ysera turns round, out step Haleh, Kalec, Tyri and Azy, in their ‘mortal’ forms (in dragon form they are known as Halegosa, Kalecgos, Tyrigosa and Azuregos).
“It is good to see the Blue Dragonflight is recovering enough to send aid. I trust things are well.” states Ysera.
“The Black Dragonflight dares not attack us since we all managed to relocate to the Nexus, thankfully … I heard all their Broodmothers were killed off.” Replies Haleh.
“And are the Ley Lines in order again? I assume you all have your own duties.” Continues Ysera.
“Yes. After much deliberation, and against Azuregos’ wishes, Kalecgos will take over duties as Aspect of Magic and Ruler of the Blue Dragonflight. Haleh will remain as Matron Protectorate and take over Coldarra’s Defense. Azuregos will operate the Nexus, Oculus, and Eye of Eternity and become Ley-Guardian. I will be Broodmother and Prime Consort.” Tyrigosa chips in.
At the mention of Kalecgos’ new role, Azuregos makes a dissatisfied ‘Hmph’ noise. Ysera nods quietly throughout the conversation.
“It is good to see you have not let the re-emergence of Deathwing affect you in recovering from Brother Malygos’ unfortunate death. This will-”
“Not take long.” At that the five dragons, who had gathered at the balcony to watch the resurrection process coming along for the three Ancients, turn, seeing Nozdormu there. He smirks.
“I have told you time and time again not to do that, brother.” Ysera smirks, moving to Nozdormu and embracing him. “It has been too long.”
“Has it?” Nozdormu laughs at his own joke and Ysera joins in after a small scowl.
“How are the timelines doing? You seem to have been busy enough with them for the last years to not grace us with your presence.” Azuregos butts in before there can be any more time puns.
“Mm. Your support during the Second War of the Shifting Sands would have been appreciated.” concurs Kalecgos.
“The timelines are… reforming. The last few concerning the Infinite Dragonflight are all sealed and will soon disappear, but a new one has appeared and is not yet fully formed – it may take as much time just to restore that alone. The time there cries out in pain and the emanations are the most powerful we have ever dealt with. Soridormi and the Scale of the Sands fear that the Infinite have targeted the Sundering itself.”
At this, nervous talk breaks out momentarily between the Blues. Something seems considerably more worrying about this development to them than to Ysera or Nozdormu.
“So who are we waiting on?” questions Nozdormu to Ysera.
“Cenarius – and by extension Remulos – are gathering forces and supplies in the Moonglade. They’ll be with us shortly, as will the Timbermaw Furbolg. Itharius has taken over my duties in the Dream whilst I am occupied here, so he will not be joining us. We’re still waiting on Agamaggan, Ursoc and Ursol (at this Ysera indicates the glowing corpses, which have begun to hum as various dragons and mortals have begun channelling spells into them) and Malorne, if he is still around. No one has seen him in at least one thousand years.”
“And the Dragonqueen?”
“I fear Alexstrasza may not come at all, Kalecgos. She was considerably wounded in the Twilight Highlands, and the loss of her heir so soon after he was freed from a thousand years torment from C’thun… She may be grieving for a while. And beyond that, Deathwing is still around. He may go after her as soon as she reveals herself. But even he is not foolish enough to attack Wyrmrest Temple. Its defenses are stronger than any of us and considerably older. And mortal contact means we may see some aid from the Elemental L-”
At this moment a huge explosion catches everyone’s attention. Therazane promptly steps out from the cliff face opposite the Well and the balcony, and is followed by numerous earthen, the Stonefather and all of her children barring Ozruk and Theradras (Myzrael classifies as one of these children). However, they and the portal to Deepholm left seared in the cliff face are obscured as a spring of water jets straight up out of the well, scattering the mortals and gathered dragons further. Neptulon and a guard of revenants, Kvaldir and Murlocs promptly leave the well, having entered via a portal to the Abyssal Maw.
Ysera intervenes quickly as the elemental forces promptly have a stand-off.
“Brother, sister, we gather here under a good banner to prevent further damage to our world – all of it. Let there be no quarrels based on old hatreds. The Horde and Alliance gathered here know this full well.”
Ysera turns back towards the party, who have moved aside as Zen’tabra entered.
“Ma apologies, Lady o’ Dreams, for our diminish’d party. Urgent mattas ‘ave forced Vol’jin ta dedicate many of our bruddas ta anotha cause. Ya see, de Zandalari have turned on de mortal races an’ now seek to enslave all de Loa and war upon de mortal races with de support of de regrouped Amani an’ Gurubashi tribes.”
“Do not worry yourself, young druid. Your unwavering dedication in the face of so much opposition is appreciated by everyone present. Every warrior you have been able to bring is welcomed. Do not dishearten yourself.”
Zen’tabra bows her thanks and hurriedly moves back to the mortal parties as Therazane and Neptulon move through the archway (enlarged in anticipation of their arrival). Ysera then greets them.
“Therazane, Neptulon. It is heartening to see you on our side. The last thing we need is more support for Deathwing.”
“Hah. Even if we had wished to join the armies of terror and chaos again, which we do not, we had no choice in the matter. The Old Gods had already replaced us in their own twisted pantheon with Deathwing and Azshara.” Retorts Therazane.
“Nevertheless, we wish nothing more than to extinguish their pestilence upon our realms. The Titans brought us more freedom and happiness in the Elemental Plane’s creation than the Old Gods gave us in 50 millennia of chaotic war in Azeroth.” Neptulon adds in.
Tyrande, Malfurion and Shandris begin discussing amongst themselves at the mention of Azshara. Ysera continues the conversation.
“I heard rumours of Al’Akir attacking Uldum upon its opening…”
“True, however he has since been defeated. We brought him around to our way of thinking rapidly quickly – you know how malleable air is. You may consider him on our side now, but we are keeping watch on him. He had less to lose by joining us than continuing his failed fight and losing. He has already lost most of his strength within his own realm and without, but his blessings will be a welcomed boon to us.” At Neptulon’s mention of him, Al’Akir enters to Hyjal through his own portal high in the boughs of Nordrassil.
“May I ask how long we will be, Ysera? I have many things yet to finish doing in my realm.”
“We only await a few individuals now, Stonemother.”
“Mmm. It transpired recently that I was unduly harsh towards the Earthen Ring . I was apparently not aware of the full situation of Theradras’ death. Suffice it to say that when she is rebound she will undergo the same punishment as Ozruk for his betrayal of the World’s Heart to the Twilight’s Hammer.”
Neptulon raises a bubbly eyebrow, but does not comment. A horn sounds, preceding the charge of Remulos over the mountaintop towards Ysera.
“My father is finished in his duties, Dreamer. He will be with you shortly-”
They are interrupted by the blowing of an identical horn, quite far away. By this point, all the leaders of the mortal armies are inside the main building, which has increased in size from the one in the real game to fit a designation as a centre of command for Hyjal operations.
“That can’t be!” Remulos cries at hearing the horn. “That’s Zaetar’s horn. He is long since dead.”
“Maybe. I was dead once.” Cenarius chimes in as he steps in through the open door. His gathered children can be seen joining the armies in the courtyard behind him. Confirming Cenarius’ statement, an army can be seen moving up the mountain, and as they approach it becomes clear that they are centaur, the unified five clans in their regal war gear, each clan having a different colour. At their front are the five Khans, and ahead of them is Zaetar himself, with his horn.
“The prodigal son returns.” remarks Therazane on her son-in-law.
As Zaetar arrives, he and the five Khans enter the building, and promptly kneel before Cenarius.
“My Lord Cenarius, on behalf of the five Khans, I hereby dedicate the united centaur army towards this cause.”
Saurfang bemusedly murmurs “United centaur. Whatever next?”
At this, Zaetar turns to him and remarks “It did not take much. Their Ancestral Lands were healed by the Circle. They complied easily.”
“We’re becoming cramped. Shall we move outside?” Ysera offers.
The party moves outside, and it is already by this time high noon. The shafts of sunlight burst through the canopy of Nordrassil, illuminating the Well of Eternity in a thin gold light. As Al’Akir drifts down from the sky to meet the party of leaders, a bright beam of light rises up from the Well itself, then a second and a third. The Ancients burst into their own song, as the high shriek of Aviana and the bright chime of Aessina add to the howl of Goldrinn and to the low groan of Tortolla. Agamaggan, Ursoc and Ursol, now resurrected, join in with their own growls and grunts, and the air quietens as the three exit the well of eternity and bow before Ysera.
“Thank you. It is good to once more smell the air to be alive, and to be within the life of Azeroth again.” Agamaggan bows again before Ysera.
“Please do not bow. We are all equals here. And it is not I you have to thank.” Ysera indicates with a sweep the gathered armies of Quilboar and Furbolg that managed to assemble the corpses of the ancients.
“Do we wait for the Dragonqueen? Or do we proceed?” questions Jarod Shadowsong. At this, the party stops its movement of inspecting the army. Ysera looks up to the sky, checking the time.
During the pause, Jarod makes his way to Malfurion. He smiles courteously at Tyrande and Shandris, and Shandris blushes.
“A message from my sister in Outland, My Lord. Passed from her to Akama to Nobundo and now to me.”
“Speak your piece, Commander.” Tyrande looks mildly annoyed that Maiev is still alive.
“Illidan, your brother…Or whatever was left of his soul. He is dead. They did not want to move his corpse to Darnassus in case you did not want to have a ceremony.”
Malfurion sighs.
“Despite all that Illidan became, he once did it out of pure heart. I will dwell on this, but now is not the time.”
Ysera turns to address the army.
“Ragnaros and the Twilight’s Hammer will not wait for us to be ready to fight them – if anything, they will be trying to gather to fight us whilst we are unready. We are only lucky that valiant forces such as yourselves have set them back, giving us time for this ritual. It appears we will have to press on without the Dragonqueen.”
“That will not be necessary, Sister.”
Ysera turns in shock to see Alexstrasza stride out of a portal from Wyrmrest Temple, clad in heavy healing robes. Krasus follows her.
“Well now it appears we are ready.”
The party assembles around the well and the tree, whilst the army stays in the village making final preparations.
On Ysera’s mark, the Ancients begin channelling their power into the roots of the tree, each letting out their cries as before as they do so. Following this are Al’Akir, Neptulon and Therazane, taking power from their portals and home realms.
The Blue Dragonflight leaders and Nozdormu then join, as does Alexstrasza, with support from Krasus. The assorted high-ranking druids and shamans also donate their power, as do some members of the Argent Crusade and the Horde/Alliance troops. The centaur and children of Cenarius, and Cenarius himself also give their powers to the great tree. The armies come to a standstill as the tree begins to glow spectacular colours. The final person to give powers is Tyrande, who stands in the Centre of Command itself, and begins chanting a prayer to Elune. At this, Tyrande begins channelling her power into the tree, and a transcendental, almost angelic music begins. Moonlight begins to shimmer down onto the tree, blending with the sunlight as Elune blesses the tree. Silence then falls from everyone as a colossal bellowing comes from the sky, and all gathered look up to see Malorne descending from the heavens through the light. His bellow donates his own power, and the channelling promptly ceases.
“Waywatcher, it has truly been too long.”
“A just cause deserves just effort, my dear Dreamer.” The Great Stag nuzzles Ysera in a friendly notion.
A barely noticeable rumble begins in the earth beneath everyone’s feet.
“What now, Dreamer? Shall we take our army to Ragnaros?” Ysera is questioned by Malfurion.
“Wait. Something is not right within the earth.” Therazane cries, as the rumbling grows to a detectable level by everyone else.
“It can’t be..” Tyrande murmurs, looking up at the tree itself, and dashes out of the Hold as it creaks and the roof splits in two under Nordrassil’s movement. By this point an earthquake is in full swing and people begin diving onto the ground.
“Wait.. This is… Nordrassil’s doing?” Ysera remains standing, transfixed as the tree’s branches move in unison as the tree swells slightly with power. The earthquake passes, and as people get up they gasp in awe at the bright hues of gold, emerald, diamond, ruby and sapphire swirling on the tree’s roots. A hum like a gong sounds, and the colours dissipate.
“What did that do?” Asks Shandris.
Cenarius replies “Everything.” and points south. The army turns to see the a thin green line passing over the mountainside, and as it goes further south, one by one each fire goes out and each plume of smoke dissipates.
“The tree is healing the entire mountain.” gasps Therazane.
“Not the tree. Us.” Neptulon finishes.
“Correct.” Ysera explains. “Nordrassil is but a conduit. This is why I brought you all here today. Nordrassil is the best possible way of uniting our power. It is not something easily repeatable. Nordrassil will use up most of the power today healing the mountain. Hopefully we won’t have to put it under this strain ever again.”
A more visible wave, half the size of a human, passes out over Hyjal from Nordrassil. This time, the ground colours, as greens and golds become visible grass all over the plains of the mountain.
“We need to move. The Twilight will have seen what’s going on by now. They’ll either be fleeing through the Gorges toward Winterspring or into the Firelands themselves.” Ysera briskly brings everyone back to reality.
At this, Al’Akir clears his throat, and creates a barrage of solid air moving all the way down to the Throne of Flame (which is quickly shrinking) like a giant bridge. At once, the generals and their armies begin moving down it, as a third wave of ruby and orange bursts flowers into bloom all over the upper mountain.
“Thrall. A word.” Alexstrasza calls to Thrall and Aggra before she leaves. Still supported by Krasus, she moves over to them and hands them a bag.
“Guard this with your lives and with every life on Outland if you must. Neither the Black Dragonflight nor their servants nor any mortals of the Alliance and Horde may see this until the day it is ready.”
Thrall opens the bag and from it Aggra removes a pristine black dragon egg.
“This is the only pure black dragon in existence. There are no living black dragon broodmothers and as such we are completely unable to produce another. This. Must. Survive. Do you understand?”
Thrall and Aggra nod.
“I will check its progress periodically, but I cannot go there often or I may alert Deathwing. He thinks he destroyed it already. Thank you for this. I would do it myself but I am too wounded to guarantee its safety.”
“Dragonqueen, when will we know it is ready?”
“It will tell you itself. Good luck.”
With that, Alexstrasza and Krasus leave through the portal to Wyrmrest. Aggra gently places the egg into the bag, kisses Thrall on the cheek and uses her Astral Recall spell to return to Garadar. Thrall follows suit, and as they
disappear, an aqua wave (the fourth) blasts over the mountain with considerable force, bursting shrubbery and saplings into being.
We then skip to the location of the main generals, which is largely diminished and Al’Akir is preoccupied keeping the bridge in being. The remaining generals are Ysera, Cenarius, the Ancients, Neptulon, Malfurion and Hamuul, as well as Zaetar and Remulos. The main army still follows behind. Upon reaching the area outside of Sulfuron Spire (which is now relatively empty) a crystal wave the size of giants passes over the mountain forcefully. With this, all the plantlife including towering trees has been forced into being. Ysera stops to survey and opens a portal as the final earth-shaking wave (a black one) reveals legions of wildlife to repopulate the mountain. As Ysera looks through the portal, we see everything that has changed in the mountain:

  • A village around the Well of Eternity and Nordrassil.
  • Birds nesting in Nordrassil
  • Portals to Deepholm, Uldum and Vashj’ir in and around Nordrassil
  • The Circle of Cinders is now healed and populated by treants. It is now named the Ancient Circle
  • The Ruins of Lar’donir is now a fully-formed town.
  • The Hyjal Barrow Dens contain a path to Moonglade’s Barrow Dens.
  • Lake Edunel is now sourced from the Well of Eternity (which has endless water from the Abyssal Maw) and has a river running into the Moonglade, where it meets Lake Elune’ara. The permanently cleansed Omen is emerging from it.
  • There is now proper pathing through the Shrine of Goldrinn. The ogre-mound has been removed. Lightning Ridge is healed and contains friendly air elementals.
  • The Regrowth is now fully regrown.
  • Ashen Lake by the Shrine of Tortolla now has a river called the Cenar stream flowing into the water in Felwood and cleansing it, sourced via underground tunnels from the Well of Eternity. There is obvious healing both in-game and in the cinematic.
  • There are settlements by the Sanctuary of Malorne and the Shrine of Tortolla (which is a full shrine in the same place he was formerly imprisoned.
  • Sethria’s Roost is now empty of dragons, fully regrown and is the place where the flying creatures of Hyjal are raised. It is now called the Roost.
  • Blaithe is now cleansed and can be found wandering peacefully with the peaceful Harpies by the Shrinve of Aviana.
  • Darkwhisper Gorge is healed. It is now called Newstone Gorge and contains earth elementals as well as the Shrines of Ursoc, Ursol and Agamaggan. A river known as the Silver Wash flows from the Well of Eternity to here and into Frostwhisper Gorge, which is now a tropical oasis with plenty of plantlife and wildlife known as the Heartwisp Gorge.
  • Twilight’s Hammer mobs now only exist for daily quests in the various locales.
  • The Gates of Sothann are also fully healed and populated by friendly water elementals. It, like the Ashen Lake, is now sourced via underground tunnels from the Well of Eternity. It flows into Azshara, where it has decimated Gallywix’s Pleasure Palace, a region known now as Prince’s Fall. It has a shrine to Gallywix, set by lines of Eversong-style trees. Gallywix is where he died in a raised platform amidst all the water there. In his place Mida Silvertongue is the new Trade Prince – and the first Trade Princess.
  • The area formerly known as the Throne of Flame is now the Meadow of Redemption. It has a bridge into Sulfuron Spire, and a lake which flows down into Ashenvale known as the Flow of Nature. The flow ends at the region formerly known as Thunder Peak, which is now healed and contains the Heart of the Forest. Significant portions of deforested Ashenvale have regrown as a result.
  • In the Meadow of Redemption are the army with Cenarius at the front as well as the other generals who stayed there.
  • The door to Sulfuron Spire is open. Inside players find the same room as in the end quest of Hyjal, with a portal to the daily-quest area.
  • All of Hyjal is regrown, with the widest variety of plant and animal life in any zone to date. Desolace is completely regrown, as are Ashenvale and approximately half of Felwood.
  • Dailies are available in several areas: The village at Nordrassil, for upper-Hyjal dailies; the Meadow of Redemption, for lower-Hyjal dailies; and inside Sulfuron Spire, for Firelands dailies. These rotate randomly although there will be at least one of each per day (with a total of 5/6/7 per day depending on reputation levels).

Having seen this, Ysera calls for a charge and Malorne charges at the door to the Firelands. It falls over, ending the cinematic and enabling the words ‘Patch 4.2: (Name of Patch 4.2 here)’ to appear on the screen.

Hyjal daily-quest hub will only be available to people who have completed the Hyjal quest chain. Phases in Felwood, Ashenvale, Azshara and Winterspring are only available to people who have completed their quest chains and explored them (Azshara is Horde-only for quests however Alliance do still have to have explored it).