[Urgent Message in the Communication Tome]

This is an urgent request for aid to any brothers, sisters or friends of the Horde in the area near Western Tanaan. After making landfall in southern Tanaan, the forces of the Hand of the Titans and Convocation of Elrendar proceeded into Tanaan through the swamps.

Proceeding along the main road, we were ambushed by Sargerei, and sustained serious wounds at the hands of an infernal. We are in need of healing and are not strong enough to push through the Front to rendezvous with the forces of the Beastmaw Warband.

If you are reading this message and are able, please send help immediately! We are holed up against the Cliffside east of the Iron Front, and south of the first crossroad on the main road.

-Keliera Dawndancer,
Arcanist of the Convocation of Elrendar

Addendum – Report

The first excursion of the Hand of the Titans and Convocation of Elrendar into Tanaan had a mixed result. While travel through Zorammarsh to the main road from our initial landing spot was without issue aside from some minor skirmishes with animals, our luck deteriorated upon reaching the road.

Initially delayed by a rampaging ancient who had been driven mad by fel corruption, we were then ambushed by a group of disguised Sargerei who summoned an infernal and attacked us. While our comrades in the Hand successfully held off the Sargerei with a magical wall, the infernal did significant damage to our melee forces and we were forced to flee after it exploded in our midst.

Reaching a small grove of trees, we hid and healed our wounded while sending a message for aid to our allies. The Beastmaw Warband responded in force, helping escort us to Rangari Refuge.

Fortunately, we made it through the Iron Front without significant casualties, and I am pleased to report that we suffered no fatalities on this mission, and all injured are recovering well. We are now ensconced in Rangari Refuge and able to make concerted attacks against the Fel Iron Horde with our allies.

Lok’tar Ogar! For the Horde!
-Keliera Dawndancer
Arcanist of the Convocation of Elrendar


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