[Report in the Communication Tome]

The Convocation proceeded into the Ruins of Kra’nak tonight, backed up by our own arakkoa allies, in a first strike against the Legion-allied Sethekk and their Shadow Council allies. The arakkoa of Aktar’s Post are eager for blood and have proved helpful so far. Our camp is safely warded and has yet to be attacked by the Legion, which has provided a welcome respite.

On the first tier we encountered three hostile groups of arakkoa warlocks and a fel raven similar to those we fought yesterday. We dispatched them without significant casualty, and uncovered a sunstone similar to others used to power Apexis relics, however, significantly corrupted by the warlocks.

The Ruins themselves are Apexis, and are separated into several tiers. The tier closest to the camp is second-highest, with one above and two below. We detected significant fel presences in the upper tier, and chose to forego exploring it. Our magi and the arakkoa detected a different magical presence in the lowest tier, so we chose to explore the remaining tier.

Proceeding into the second-lowest tier by a ramp, we saw several groups of warlocks, and were immediately noticed by an observer. Our forces stunned the observer, incapacitating its warlock master and distracting from our arrival. Another group of warlocks and a felblood crusher were then dispatched.

It was at this point that our luck began to turn. With the observer dead, another two groups of arakkoa and orc warlocks set upon us, while the magical presence from below – an extremely powerful ogre warlock – approached, along with three imps and a second observer. We managed to banish the observer, but were forced into a retreat. The ogre threw several chaos bolts at us as we retreated, though we were able to prevent it following by using the corrupted sunstone to destroy the ramp.

Ultimately, we made it back to the camp just before several fel-tainted arakkoa caught us. The arakkoa forces lost two of their number, but were able to plant numerous explosives that helped take out more warlocks. The following enemies were eliminated:
9 Legion-Affiliated Arakkoa
5 Orc Warlocks
1 Fel-Corrupted Dread Raven
1 Demonic Observer (Killed)
1 Demonic Observer (Banished)

This was close, but a good battle. With the first tier of the ruins close to being secured, hopefully this leaves us more breathing room to push back against the arakkoa and remove the Shadow Council’s presence here.

– Arcanist Keliera Dawndancer of the Convocation of Elrendar.


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