[Report in the Communication Tome]

Our luck in the arakkoa ruins has not held. We attempted to reach the upper tier tonight, but found it reinforced and significantly saturated with fel energy, which made movement and healing much harder for our forces.

We initially succeeded in killing the guards to the tier, but found that beyond it, the Sethekk arakkoa have summoned large numbers of demons and are using fel-powered apexis golems to defend their holdings. Additionally, unlike the arakkoa we have previously fought, the arakkoa here have retained their wings, and consequently are faster, stronger and recover faster than regular arakkoa bladewings. We were able to blow up several crystals before being forced to retreat.

While we escaped without fatalities, we have yet to reach the highest tier, where Iskar’s lieutenants are fortified. The demons in the area include shivarra and wrathguards, as well as the imps and observers we reported yesterday.

We are now low on supplies, but managed to heal our party with a crate of medical supplies recovered by members of the Hand of the Titans, to whom we are very thankful. While we are invested in helping end the threat here, we are not strong enough at present, and so will be returning to Rangari Refuge soon to resupply and meet up with the rest of our allies, to determine our next move.

We hope that the fight goes well elsewhere. Lok’tar Ogar!
-Arcanist Keliera Dawndancer


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