Dawn of the Sethekk

[Report in the Communication Tome]

This is Keliera Dawndancer, writing on behalf of Overseer Anrithen Eirvaness while he tends to our supplies and wounded.

Today the Convocation set out from Vol’mar to rendezvous with our arakkoa allies at Aktar’s Post, near a set of ancient arakkoan ruins in the northwestern hills of the Jungle, by way of a mountain path that stretches past Zeth’gol. Due to our prior struggles with the northern side of the jungle, we took the long route, passing Lion’s Watch and heading through the Zorammarsh to the main road.

Fortunately, we encountered no difficulties from the Iron Horde’s orcs on our travels, but the roads are significantly more dangerous than when we have traversed them previously. On our way through Zorammarsh, corrupted ravens (of similar scale to those you can see in the wild in the Spires of Arak) attacked us, demonstrating sharp talons as well as a firebreathing ability. While we survived this initial attack, we encountered more serious difficulties later on.

While scaling the mountain pass to Aktar’s Post, a survivor of the previous battle set upon us again, causing significant wounds to several of our party via felfire, while at the same time several arakkoa set upon us. These arakkoa were fel-corrupted members of the Sethekk caste and had gained new wings, suggesting that the power offered to them by the Legion is greater than we first thought.

Fortunately, intervention by the arakkoa of the Order of the Awakened prevented fatalities, but we lost several crates of supplies to felfire. Three Sethekk arakkoa and three fel-corrupted ravens were slain.

We urge all our allies to be extremely careful on the roads as the Sethekk appear to be becoming more bold in their attacks. The Sethekk’s leader, an arakkoa known to the Order as Iskar, controls tainted kaliri which are scouting the jungle, and we were unable to shake their eyes throughout our entire journey. If any of you count shaman, warlocks or mages in your number, we suggest looking for any ways possible to hide yourselves from the kaliri.

We hope that our allies’ recent successes will help find a way to cut off the Sethekk’s powers of observation. Morale is lower here than we would like, but the arakkoa here appear poised to make significant gains against their Legion-worshipping brethren.

Wishing all our allies success against the Legion,
Arcanist Keliera Dawndancer of the Convocation of Elrendar.


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