A New End

[Report in the Communication Tome]

This is Keliera Dawndancer of the Convocation, reporting on our recent pitched battle with the flighted forces of the Sethekk. Despite significant casualties, I am pleased to report significant successes.

For several weeks in Tanaan, we have been dogged by a high-ranking lieutenant of the Sethekk, whom we initially encountered in Highmaul, where she stole an ancient arakkoan weapon from the caches of the Magisters there. This artefact drained one of our own of their powers of the Light, and as such, she has been a significant target during our time in Tanaan.

Setting up in the Thundertail Wallow, an open lagoon southwest of Lion’s Watch, we utilised an Apexis containment relic alongside several priest-created angelic feathers to provide a source of Light enough to bait the forces of the fel arakkoa. Aided by our allies in the Order of the Awakened, we initially killed three fel-corrupted dread ravens and a flock of fel kaliri before the arakkoa army showed themselves.

The battle progressed swiftly, with the hostile arakkoa summoning numerous felfire elementals and an infernal to initially attack us. We avoided significant wounds during this stage of the battle, and the infernal was fortunately downed with only minimal injury from its death throes.

Following this, a flock of fel bladewings and sages set upon us, aided by their commander, using both powers of Light and Fel thanks to the weapon she possessed. Thanks to our allies taking on her army, we were able to catch her with chains and nets, dragging her to the floor before engaging in combat.

While the battle initially went in our favour, the arakkoa, a corrupted sage, managed to activate our apexis artefact, releasing a powerful void creature from its prison to aid her. Quick thinking from our magi and priests stunned it while we recovered the weapon, using its powers of the Light to banish the void being.

A note to our allies – this creature is one none of us have encountered before. It is less powerful than a void god, but far superior to a void walker, unbound in shape with powerful wings. It is similar to void signals we have detected within the Citadel, suggesting the Legion has access to this previously unseen creature. We urge utmost caution if anyone else encounters such a creature, as it was able to absorb several of the arakkoa and devour their souls without issue.

Despite this uphill struggle, the arakkoa were ultimately defeated, and several useful Apexis artefacts recovered from their army. A vital member of the Sethekk upper caste has been defeated, which will hopefully clear the way to gaining control over the Apexis ruins in the jungle’s northwest and isolating the Sethekk within the Citadel. The power of the ravens over the skies has been curtailed, and we expect travel to now be less risky for all.

Despite our success, we experienced significant damage from the fel magic used, and will have to spend some time recovering before we are able to rejoin our allies’ campaign against the Iron Horde. Until then, we will be recovering in the Refuge, and wish our allies honour and victory.

Lok’tar Ogar!
– Keliera Dawndancer


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