Thoughts On 7.0.3

I’m not really sure how to start a post like this, because whenever I talk about a patch it’s some long ramble on Twitter, usually punctuated with what I hate about a patch (5.3 stands out to me as a sore spot).

This, on the other hand, will be mostly positive – horrendous, horrendous camera issues aside (if you don’t know what I’m on about, go do Al’akir or Alysrazor).

My main’s an unholy death knight, and I have to say, the rotation has improved immensely. Not that I have ever really had a problem with the rotation as such, but Legion feels so much more fun. Festering Wounds add a much better dimension to disease management, and I now have actual reasons to use each of my strikes. Epidemic works a lot better than blood boil.

I have come across some negatives – mobility, in particular, was a big selling point of unholy for me personally, and I’m not especially pleased with the reduction in it. A similar thing goes for rune cooldowns – with now only Runic Corruption to help speed this up, I’m left with periods where I literally cannot do anything except auto-attack, and then suddenly surge into having too much to do at once. If there was a way of levelling this out, it’d help.

That said, I remain pretty confident with the spec, especially considering the perks of Artifacts aren’t even in play yet.

Regarding nearly enough everything else, I’m sad about the lack of garrison gold, but there’s already been a positive effect – the price of WoW Tokens is on the decline! Hopefully affordability is not far away. The sudden surge of resources is also helping me to level up a few professions on alts before the expansion’s end.

The addition of the ‘Unlearned’ tab on professions is a welcome addition for me to figure out what I’m missing, though addons do add a level of detail missing from this tab. The sneak peek at Legion recipes is also appreciated.

All in all, I’m looking forward to Legion! (Expect a hype post soon)


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