Change on the Wind

“This world is changing.

I have been to Northrend and Pandaria, Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. For years, we have had war. And now it has changed.

We have been stuck in Draenor, fighting a war that ended decades ago, trying to change the past. But the future is different already.

I have been to Orgrimmar and heard goblins talk about trade deals with Ironforge and Gnomeregan. I have listened to druids talk about making Gilneas fit for human habitation again. I have seen society rebuilt in Pandaria, Alliance and Horde walk the same streets.

Things have changed. The peace we haven’t known for decades is here, right here, surrounding us, building a life without us to live it. There are commoners in Silvermoon talking – not venting propaganda, but actually talking – about how there might be peace with Dalaran and how the prisoners of the Violet Hold might be freed this year.

I have watched as the logging camps of the orcs moved from Ashenvale to Azshara and as the tauren moved in to teach the orcs agriculture. I have watched the last holdings of the Scourge torn down and replaced with farms and villages across the Eastern Kingdoms. The world has changed and we are no longer in it.

Even on Draenor, you don’t see it. But Vol’mar and Lion’s Watch hold the peace better than Thrallmar and Honor Hold ever did. There is no skirmish, only a focus on the true enemy. The draenei and the orcs are learning to live together. They fight side-by-side in Tanaan and Shattrath and Gorgrond. We have helped the races of a world stand together, and we have inspired the same back home.

I have seen shipments of Horde goods pass through Booty Bay en-route to Stormwind and I have heard rumours of High Elves being let back in to inhabit Western Silvermoon. I have heard of draenei towns being built across Kalimdor and the Exodar travelling the world to offer the Prophet’s wisdom. I have heard of Pandaren travellers accompanying orcs and dwarves to spread the word of Brewfest.

The world we live in changed. It changed without us. Even the Reliquary considers us an extremist faction, collecting artefacts to prop up a nation that doesn’t need them. The sin’dorei live now, in peace; they trade with the Horde, and the Horde supports them – a parasitic relationship has become symbiotic.

I want to be part of this world. I want to build peace and meet people and have friends in the Alliance; I want to close the door on the wars of the last four decades. I will be trapped in the past no longer.”


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