World Events and You: Grind or Go Home

WoW’s holiday events come round once each per year – a period of anytime between a weekend and a month in which the whole game has decorations, fun NPCs pop up in capital cities and limited-time quests and events can be embarked on at all levels for costumes, mounts, pets and toys. A fun time for all.

Except when it’s not. And recently, it’s become less and less fun.

The first time I noticed that a world event was less a fun, unique occasion was 2014’s Day of the Dead. Usually a caricature on the Latin American Dia de los Muertos, this year’s weekend-long festival included new content and achievements: several costumes at 100g each which transformed you into a colourful celebrant. The achievements?

Kill 1, 20 and 50 people also wearing the costumes.

I would have been content enough had the achievement been just to buy a costume, but I attempted it anyway – and did not get a single kill after half an hour of farming in the Stormwind City graveyard.

Needless to say, I gave up. It was not worth the stress, the endless time spent as a ghost, or the repair costs. It was definitely not fun and it did not involve much of me celebrating the dead, more cursing my own death.

This behaviour was mirrored by the inclusion in 2015 of new Love is in the Air content – namely a prism of love, costing 40 tokens, and an achievement to have 50 stacks of the buff it gives you.

I similarly attempted this achievement, and after spending 2 hours in a group, it collapsed before my turn. In fact, it collapsed less than halfway to my turn. It was again, not fun, and I don’t think it was much in the spirit of things.

So I question why on earth an achievement wants me to spend so long on it during a time of festivity?

It seems completely at odds with the traditional view of world events in WoW – low-intensity, lots of fun items to share with your friends, and the occasionally challenging – but by no means impossible – achievement. No world event content has before been so mind-numbing as to force me to stand in a circle, pressing one button every minute, for hours.

It beggars belief, and it cannot be allowed to continue. I am fairly confident that Blizzard has their own metrics that’ll show just how engaged people are with this content, but if this is the way it’s going to be, then I’ll just stop doing holiday content. I refuse to do content that isn’t fun.

There are, of course, other ways they could re-tune these holidays to have a festive rather than a grindy spirit. Calavera, for example, could instead of killing 50 people, be killing 5 – 1 of each colour of costume. They Really Love Me could involve various coloured beams instead of just pink, and require you to be under the effects of each colour beam.

Either achievement could have you do it to different races or classes, in different locales. This would be far more in tune with what holiday content usually involves.

But it does not. And it’s for that reason that, until it’s changed, I’m going to opt out of holiday content. Because it doesn’t make me want to celebrate whatever occasion it is. It makes me detest it.