Bloodied Heart: Epilogue

It’s over. We’re free.

Everything, in the end, came together. Everyone did become one.

We found Sorlain on the beach, the last of his power ebbing away alongside his fake arm, and quickly threw him in a cage.

Despite all our losses, a camaraderie blossomed between the differing forces as we brought together the survivors to be tried or freed from their condition. Sorlain would go on trial, as would Rith’len (who played the victim). Vyrael too, whereas Enala would be given a plea bargain.

With Denri Fiae likewise imprisoned for his last-moment change in allegiance, we set back off for Durotar, where Khairan’s trial would be held on neutral ground. The prosecution were to be the Silver Covenant, while Edanna and the slightly-recovered Thelnarion provided our defense.

The trial began rather predictably, yet grew more interesting – first by the arrival of Relcha Kim’belore from her self-imposed exile, then the return of Arlandria, which brought rather a lot of emotion to Khairan’s face.

The third arrival was that of Sorlain Amaran, called by the prosecution to explain exactly what had happened after it was established that the other Quel’dorei-summoned witnesses were hopeless. His wry contributions served to only incense both sides.

Following the prosecution, Edanna first called Coren Ledaal to explain the meteorite which formed the bulk of Khairan’s problems – having been responsible for the deaths he was on trial for. After that kerfuffle, we were further interrupted by the dramatic arrival of one Lady Belore’Shalarath, none other than Khairan’s mother, who promptly tore the Kirin Tor’s statements to pieces before settling down.

In the final coup of her closing statement, Edanna revealed the substantial changes to the Dalaran Penal Code, which would have facilitated a trial comprised of one-third Kirin Tor, one-third Silver Covenant and one-third Sunreaver jury along with a Kirin Tor judge, essentially damning Khairan had it not been for the intervention of the friends we had made among the Alliance in recent months. The judge offered Khairan his own punishment: shackles which would restrict his magic, along with a control device which Edanna would control.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the accused is not the same man who committed the crimes the prosecution accuses him off. The gross misconduct at play does not speak for their desire to do justice but for petty vengeance. And I urge you, if you were to learn one thing from the accused, is that you can pick yourselves back up. You can be the people who helped us slay the Lich King and accepted the Sunreavers regardless of their race or you can continue down the path you’ve taken right now and end up like your second witness. But I am not here to judge you, I am here to judge Khairan Sunshard and the most fitting sentence of all would be to allow him to carry on. To seek repentance on his own terms. Still, measures need to be taken. We… We initially created these bindings with the intent to hold powerful demons more likelu to assume humanoid shape. While they may not be quite appropriate they’ll at once be a reminder of your actions, an incentive to move forward and a method of preventing anything like what happened at Dalaran from recurring.”

With Khairan’s trial concluded, we moved on to that of Chernow Jarath, whom we’d apprehended months ago. Rather surprisingly, I was invited to speak, as was Maerithryn Shari’fal, Thelnarion’s grandfather.

A surprise. But I can give it my best shot and let him know that I will have my eye on him, even if he walks free.

“The forces of Chernow Jarath’s house have been pursuing genocide against the Amani for centuries. The cloak on show is a prized trophy, but by Chernow’s own admission, one of many. It is comprised of a handful of the most attractive troll corpses. It alone indicates the campaign that would have been similarly pursued against the Darkspear with as much hatred had Jarath been allowed to succeed at Razor Hill.

This elf’s daughter was taught to create these trophies for the sole purpose of mocking the dead, aggravating the spirits and the loa they served. That much is obvious from when we served under him, seeing how his forces showed no hint of mercy in decimating and burning whole villages, making a sport of killing the old, young and infirm as they tried to run or surrender. This goes beyond petty hatreds between troll and elf. This is a pure evil that shows how Jarath would not hesitate to slit each troll throat here if he could, and how he is a threat to all trolls.

In their captivity, neither he nor his forces showed the slightest hint of regret, remorse or doubt that they were on the right side. I contest that the elf should be found guilty of all his crimes against the Horde not just for the fact that he committed them, but because his power and influence over many elves makes him a considerable threat to the honourable peace between our peoples that we have worked to restore. He must be made to learn the extent and impact of his crimes on the world, and to regret and repent the shame he has cast upon troll and elf peoples.”

Despite our efforts, Chernow walked free. I was filled with fleeting rage, and as soon as it was there, it as gone.

Tomorrow is another day. Chernow is weak, and we are untouchable. He will not soon risk our ire, and he will find less support in future for his campaigns.

Our business in Durotar complete, there was nothing to stop us from returning home, for the Convocation of Elrendar had technically ceased to exist.


The sun grows bright overhead. The shore of Eversong has been visible for several hours, but now it is truly visible.

Each tree twists and stretches in the mid-morning sun, the vibrant leaves shimmering with colour. The air is sweet, like dew mixed with sugar, and a cool wind blows across the boat, the sails gently swaying.

Whatever comes tomorrow, I know that we all have today – and we have all learnt to be grateful for it.


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