Ruination: Third Phase

‘Yes, lots of them came this week. Carried metal wreckage. One of your kind came, got very angry at them.’

‘Oh? Do you know who?’

I kept my face nonchalant, feigning disinterest as I decided upon a pair of binoculars from the Broken’s stall.

‘Not sure. Some Scryer, came from the Tier. Red hair.’

‘I see. How funny. How much are these?’

‘Two gold.’

Handing the money over, I returned through the marketplace to relay my information. We’d been able to make use of the influx of Lost refugees from Tuurem, and it turned out that quite a lot of Scryer technology had made its way with them. There’d been a rather public event just before our arrival, which had revealed the identity of the commander of the Eclipse Battalion: One Halen Dawnseeker.

A former Sunfury commander, Dawnseeker’s defection upon the fall of Kael’thas was not regarded as unusual (indeed, a majority of those who survived the Battle of Tempest Keep were welcomed into other blood elven institutions without question or punishment) and as one of the most powerful magi in Shattrath quickly rose to become one of the most prominent Scryers. That alone explained how the Eclipse Battalion had silently and quickly become a threat to almost every elven and Horde operation in Outland – and then you had to account Dawnseeker’s unsurpassed skills in mind magic (almost every Eclipse member we’d encountered was under the influence of something mind-related).

So, with the usual caution and tact of the Convocation, we snuck onto the Scryer’s Tier and moved to confront Dawnseeker directly. The former went easier than expected, due to the large amount of Scryer forces we found under Dawnseeker’s control.

Unfortunately, Dawnseeker was one step ahead of us, and as his forces moved to apprehend us his own life-draining weaponry came into play, knocking me unconscious as battle erupted.

Several hours later, following our advisable exit from Shattrath (and the diplomatic mess we had created) we began the journey northwards to cut Dawnseeker’s remaining forces off before they could regroup in the Netherstorm (the base of the Battalion’s operations). From the intelligence we picked up in Shattrath, as well as the use of logic, it became clear to us that Dawnseeker was in control of at least one of the five mana-forges in the region, which he was using alongside Ethereals to create the mana bombs that he had rather loosely thrown at Falcon Watch, Firewing Point and the Scryer’s Tier. What would hopefully be the result of our efforts in the Blade’s Edge Mountains would be the severing of the ties between Dawnseeker (who, stuck in the Netherstorm, would be unable to act otherwise) and the Ethereals, which would halt the creation of Dawnseeker’s mana bombs and give us the necessary time to deal with him.

The necessary route to our destination was paved with magical wrappings, however. The severing of the connection between the two camps was obtained by the summary obliteration of a crucial step on the chain between Bash’ir Landing and the closest manaforges – Razaan’s Landing. By pinning the attack on the Eclipse, we could get a foot in the door at Bash’ir Landing, and hopefully negotiate our way without needing to attack Bash’ir Landing as well.

And, aside from Sathreyn slipping and impaling himself rather painfully on several bladed edges, things actually went well. The ethereals proved receptive, and given the lack of payment that Dawnseeker had made, we were able to convince them to swap sides pretty easily. That just left Netherstorm – and Dawnseeker’s base of power.


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