Ruination: The Old Ones

They do not live. They do not die. They are outside the cycle.

They never leave. They always return. They come.


‘Conquer your fear. Conquer the darkness. Conquer the depths. This is the only way that we can beat the Kor’kron to this fragment.’

I’m sure we only defeated Dawnseeker last week. It feels like it’s been months.

Suddenly, Sorlain is at some Horde ‘defence conference’ in Garadar. Suddenly, we’re in Serpentshrine helping the Kor’kron to reclaim a relic that they refuse to talk about.

Suddenly, the shadows have killed all of the Kor’kron, and only we remain. Suddenly, Darkstrike returns from exile, forgiven instantly after the murder of a hundred or more of the Shattered Hand.

Suddenly, Darkstrike is in charge and we are fighting the shadows for the relic. Because the relic is evil. The relic is an Old God fragment, stored here years past by the Naga.

Why are the Kor’kron after Old Gods?

Why are we fighting against them?

Why are we only fighting against them now?

The shadows are coming. They are always coming, and the Horde looks away. Garrosh pretends that there is nothing waiting behind him, ready.

Always ready.

We must be always ready, too.

But the shadows… They are more ready. They speak to me.

You are a slave. You are a slave to fear, to terror. You are frightened of the future, and you refuse to acknowledge the past.


You are a slave. You are a slave to anger, to rage. You despise those who have wronged you, yet you let yourself be further abused.



They are not weak. They rise up from shadow, they drown the light. Nature succumbs to their whim, the elements silenced.

They come.

They do not wait for orcs or humans or elves. They are almost ready.

Are you?


Serpentshrine went well, I suppose. I was delirious for most of it. It’s quite blurry.

After our ‘success’ (Sorlain didn’t ask) we were promptly shipped off to Orgrimmar, held up only briefly by a short skirmish in the Blasted Lands.

Sorlain was… different in some way when he returned. Something has turned him against the Horde. Or, at least, something has turned him against Garrosh’s Horde.

Which works pretty well with everyone else’s agenda. Orgrimmar is no place for elves, not now. Our leaving is a matter of when, not if. The only question is whether we’ll get the chance – there’s supposed to be an attack on the Rebellion soon. Sorlain is downplaying it, as have the Kor’kron that we’ve encountered. Given my own experiences, I’d guess it’s bigger than they think. If the entirety of the Valley of Spirits is involved..

Our intelligence (Darkstrike, specifically) suggests that the Kor’kron in Serpentshrine weren’t alone – the rest of Garrosh’s army has been working on similar aims. Intelligence from goblins suggests that he already has a lot of weaponry stored within Ragefire Chasm.

So, in true Convocation style, we’re going to head into the Chasm itself, somehow, and investigate. And then also somehow get out without being detected.

I’m not that confident.


In some way, that went better than expected. In another way, we have far too much attention on us now.

Getting into Ragefire was easy, but rather messy. And involved my accidentally bringing down the roof of most of the Cleft of Shadows on a legion of Kor’kron.

Still, at least we got in-

A black goat with seven eyes peers through the bars. It shall consume your soul, in time. Flee.

Sha. All over the caverns. What in the fel?

What do you fear? Death is inevitable. It does not make it less frightening. Am I supposed to ignore it when it’s always so close?

What do you doubt? What if we’re not going to win? What if we end up swapping to the wrong side? Should I fight even if defeat is assured?

Do you despair? They killed him. My Sithrial. I have lost so much. Must I keep going and risk losing more?

What do you hate? Garrosh has ruined everything. My own kingdom is foreign, ripped apart. The Horde is crumbling.

What angers you? This could have all been avoided. Jaina could have prevented the bloodshed in Dalaran. The Alliance are to blame for this stupid war.

What are you proud of? I… I stay alive. I thought I stuck to my principles, but war is different. War changes people.

Why do you fight? I…

Give up.

I… no. I have come too far to give up now. Too many have died for me to fear to end up the same way. If I cannot do this for principle, I can do it for what I know to be right. I can do it in the name of Silvermoon and in the name of Sithrial, in the hope that the future will be better. I can be better.

I will be better. Better than Garrosh, better than the Horde.

I will join the Rebellion.


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