Ruination: Second Phase

Once we reached Stonebreaker Hold, we discovered that their particular problem was an abundance of supplies.

Unfortunately, this was not the boon one would hope for. The supplies intended for Shadowmoon Valley’s forces had simply not been reaching their destination due to heavy interference from an increasing Quel’dorei presence – in the Horde’s torpor, the regional Alliance forces had widened their control from Allerian Stronghold all the way to the borders of Tuurem and Firewing Point. Friction between the Scryers at Firewing Point, the Lost Ones at Tuurem and the orcs at Stonebreaker had been significantly increased, a deteriorating situation only made worse by the inevitable slow death of the Horde forces at Shadowmoon Village so long as the supplies did not arrive.

Fortunately, a rather quick series of skirmishes and deceptions resulted in some sort of status quo being re-exerted. The Lost Ones, who had been in service to the Battalion, were tricked into holding off attacks on the orcs and Scryers long enough for us to determine that Eclipse-controlled Lost One agents had been sent to Shattrath. Posing as Scryers, we discovered that a rather zealous band of Silver Covenant agents were hunting Khairan down for his actions in Dalaran, and were content to tread all over the Outland peace pacts to do so. Another quick battle erupted for control of Firewing Point, before the Silver Covenant retreated and headed into Shadowmoon Valley.

Upon these discoveries, Khairan journeyed to Shattrath, intending to figure out why the Scryers had managed to let so many other forces overstep their territories, as well as safeguard himself from the efforts of Seliel Brightglow, the Silver Covenant commander, who, it turned out, had been a double-agent in the Scryers all along.

After a day’s rest, we too headed into Shadowmoon Valley.

Shadowmoon Valley is not a place that can truly bear description. It is like all the planes of death and destruction one could imagine, rolled into one and then multiplied to be a hundred times worse. The overwhelming mostly-sulphuric air and constant ash rain were avoided only by staying indoors.

It was not pleasant, but at least our attention was singularly-occupied: In her haste to force us to hand Khairan over, she had managed to turn most of Wildhammer Keep’s attention from the Legion to the Kor’kron who now controlled Shadowmoon Village.

Our utter obliteration was avoided courtesy of Aleck and Relcha, whose conjuration of Umbragosa and a legion of demons just east of the Keep re-diverted a large proportion of the Wildhammer just before Brightglow led an attack on the Village the following night. That worked in our favour, as the Village was not built to survive an attack, most of the buildings ending up wiped out in one way or another.

Compared to our force of around forty elves and forty orcs, there were upwards of eighty dwarves and forty Quel’dorei on their side, even after our diversions.

Luck, however, was in our favour. After sending a delegation to parlay with the Dwarven commander, I noticed the High Elves preparing to attack. The ensuing chaos between the elven-dwarven ranks quickly allowed for us to pick Brightglow and her forces off without many dwarf casualties.

Our path cleared, we headed for the only Scryer outpost in the region – the Sanctum of the Stars, which, of course, was in the midst of a random battle against the Eclipse when we reached it. Although we helped out, we again failed to obtain any prisoners.

Although we’d managed to interrupt a large chunk of Eclipse efforts, we were no closer to figuring out who or what was commanding them, and instead turned towards Shattrath, to try and identify the leader of the Eclipse via their network of agents there.


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