Blooddawn: Over the Ocean and Through the Fire

I boarded the zeppelin the next day, after picking up some supplies to be placed on the next shipment to Revantusk. I asked around, but the attacks were all attributed to Zandalari rebels who had since been wiped out.

That didn’t make sense at all. The ship had been sunk barely a day ago, and Durotar was under heavier security than I had ever seen. Apparently Garrosh was denying that there was any sort of opposition. I reported the news anyway.

Before leaving, I headed back into the Slums to find Rakk.

‘Ey mon, ya back! Ya been a good friend to our Twist, nat all woulda come ‘ere in dese times. Anyweh, I gots Twist’s present right ere.’ Rakk pulled a blanket off a makeshift table, revealing a light, gleaming staff. ‘Twist’s a mender at heart, but she’ll be needin’ this in de times ahead. But ye don’t be needin’ to take dis with ya. I’ll be makin’ sure dat she gets it. We got ways. And de Steamwheedle bein’ on our side ‘elps too.’ Rakk chuckled before bidding me goodbye. I gave him some gold for his troubles.

The zeppelin departed that afternoon, and aside from some turbulence, there were no issues until the Northrend coast came into view through the windows. We’d be landing in Warsong soon, no doubt-

‘FIRE!’ Yelled a voice overhead, and the ship lurched as cannonfire sounded all around.

‘What the fel? Why are they firing?’ I could barely hear a thing, but I could see quite clearly the entire ship lurching as all of the items onboard were thrown around by the explosions. I managed to grab my backpack before it – and I – went flying.


It was foolish of me to continue to allow Garrosh to continue with his own plans, foolish of all the Horde to do so. But even this small rebellion had little hope. How could I willingly abandon the Horde when the rebellion might be crushed and the Horde might win the war?

Still, I could at least rely on the fact that Silvermoon would probably not hold it against me. They seemed pretty eager to distance themselves from Garrosh – and, thanks to Sorlain’s support of Garrosh, us.



I’d been knocked out, for whoever knows how long. It seemed pretty dark outside. We looked to be above land now, at least. I had no idea what had just happened. My head wasn’t bleeding, at least. I seemed to have hit the wall when… Something had happened…

I attached my bag to myself, unsure what had just happened.

‘Ey elf! Ya alright?’ A goblin crewmember called to me. I nodded at her.

‘What just happened?’

‘Uh… we’s been flying pretty solidly for a good half an hour. Ya been asleep?’

‘.. Uhm, I guess so.’ I rubbed my sore head.

‘All ships got orders to fire on the Alliance when we goes past. It’s protocol.’

‘It… What the fel has happened? Silvermoon, Orgrimmar, now the zeppelins… I was here a month ago! They weren’t doing this then!

‘Damn straight, sister. The Warchief’s pushing the advantage in all places. Can’t let up on the Alliance!’

‘But… what Alliance are there to fire on so close to Warsong Hold?’

‘Well, there’s a big honking Alliance keep on our route!’

‘Wait.. you mean…’

‘Yup! Valiance Keep itself! Teach that human king a lesson.’

Garrosh was… insane.

The ship rumbled as it banked, and I was thrown towards the wall along with the goblin, though this time able to brace for impact.

‘What the fel now?’

The goblin looked befuddled, and ran out of the door to the top deck. I followed suit, not willing to be thrown into a wall a third time.


It was worse than I had expected. We were being tailed not by one, but by two Alliance Skycannons, and they were firing in tandem faster than the ship could move.

Garrosh was an idiot. Firing on Valiance Keep, the heart of Alliance shipping routes in the North Sea? I scanned the horizon for Warsong Hold, hoping that we were close enough for suppor-

The ship banked again, and I grabbed onto the rail as the whole thing rattled. That was too close.

Warsong Hold was an ominous blob in the distance at the moment. Somehow, we seemed to be gaining speed on the Skycannons.

‘Attack! For the Alliance!’

What the fel? Fire soared overhead, crashing into the front of the ship. Little whirring objects bolted around the ship, firing indiscriminately. Gnomes! I tossed a frostbolt at one, slowing his rotors and causing him to plummet into the snow below.

There were too many. This was fast becoming an unevenly matched battleground-

I was suddenly aware of the lack of ground beneath my feet as I was propelled from the ship into the air by a successful hit on the fuel balloons, which blew the entire ship apart. I curled into a ball and warded myself against the debris before casting a slow-fall enchantment upon myself.


The Alliance, suitably satisfied in their victory, turned around and headed back in the direction of Valiance Keep. I drifted down into the snow. I had quite a soft landing compared to the rest of the crew. I turned my gaze back north. Warsong Hold was at least an hour’s walk away, if not more. And it was starting to snow. It was utterly freezing, so I set off. Soon, I was finding myself increasingly tired.

Mustn’t fall asleep.

Mustn’t fall asleep.

Mustn’t… fall…


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