Blooddawn: Return, Part 1

I pulled my cloak up against the red dust of the capitol. Orgrimmar was as hostile as I remembered, perhaps more so – but I paid little attention to it, instead inspecting the two pins I had gotten.

The wooden one yielded nothing. No energy, no hidden components – I could feel its emptiness as I stretched it slightly with telekinesis. So I warded it and kept it. It’d be a useful souvenir, although I cancelled out the flame enchantment to stop it burning my belongings.

So, I sat on a dusty rock in the shadows, instead inspecting the golden… sun? It was spiked and ridged, like an armoured fist too protected for its own good. I traced each line and edge, trying to find magic, but looking too long at the light bouncing off it gave me a headache…


I pulled my finger to my mouth, blood dripping onto the centre of the badge, and it burnt my skin all of a sudden. I dropped it, stifling a yell, and watched as the blood bubbled, moving in rivulets until it covered the entire badge equally. And then, at once, the blood rose up in steam, forming a bright red sun that shimmered in the air menacingly before dissipating.

A spring popped in the badge, and the top clicked open.

‘Well, well…’


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