Torrent: The Veil

Our journey with the caravan went fairly consistently, with the only major stop at Splintertree Post; although the further west we went, the more Kaldorei scouts we encountered. Remaining on rear lookout duty, I was afforded the chance to dwell on what this curious project was.

Sorlain had informed us that we would be making a detour to the Sunken City of Zoram, as the city was still a useful source of Kor gems, used in the creation of paladin armour and the binding together of separate magical disciplines. Though the city had been plundered many times over, the Cataclysm had revealed new underground courtyards and more gems had been expelled into the city from the subterranean mines the Kor gems once came from. We would not be alone, unfortunately. The city’s surface had been the site of several recent savage battles for territory between the local orcs, the Naga and the Kaldorei.

We opted to plunge straight into the ruins before any further battles arose during our stay. What we had hoped would be a simple expedition transformed, as always, into a complicated treasure hunt that led us north into Darkshore three times within a span of two days to hunt Kaldorei scavengers who had had the same idea as us and narrowly beaten us to the lion’s share of gems. Twist developed a curious – nay, incomprehensible – affinity for the vile furbolg, and through some odd manner we turned the furbolg against the Kaldorei and claimed the gems for ourselves.

Following such an acquisition we were promptly assigned to Hellscream’s Watch. Aleck, Edanna and Khairan were relocated to aid with the project, which curiously remained hush-hush. The rest of us would rejoin them later at Splintertree Post, after utilising Twist’s weird pull with furbolg to gain the ear of the local Thistlefurs.

It turned out that we were just in the nick of time, saving the furbolg village from an attack by Kaldorei disguised as orcs, thus earning their loyalty. I was considerably surprised by the actions of the Night Elves. Apparently they considered the furbolg too corrupt to save and were exterminating them in advance of a full-force attack on the Horde.

At least we’d be ready. And in the same way that many of the Horde’s races had joined it out of external duress, so too did the furbolg ally with the orcs and agree to help against the Kaldorei, at least for now.

Leaving Twist (the closest thing we had to an ambassador to the furbolg) in charge of maintaining the area’s defences and preparing the furbolg for combat, we swiftly moved east, where there was a rendezvous with the rest of the Research Division and a group of rather irritating Orgrimmar-based mercenaries.

The plan was simple. We would attack Raynewood Retreat, drawing elven attention away from the furbolg to give Twist a time to get the village in order, and then when the Kaldorei attacked we would surprise them by flanking them at Maestra’s Post and posting forces in the village to weaken them.

The Orcish version of this plan included the ending where the entire forest fell under Horde control.

Although Sorlain, in his undying love for Garrosh, believed this, I did not know of anyone else in the Convocation that did…


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