Torrent: Thunder Risen

The hot sun woke me up. As did the burn wounds I had sustained the prior night.

The village was mostly intact. I learnt that shortly after I had gone unconscious, a massive bolt of lightning had risen up from a nearby isle, causing a tremendous storm that had extinguished all the fires. Shortly after Sorlain had become possessed by the Sha, reinforcements had thankfully arrived from the Temple of the White Tiger and the Shado-pan, saving Sorlain from the Sha and the rest of us from Sorlain. The trolls had retreated immediately when the storm had broken. Kal’es theorised that the ritual to resurrect the Thunder King had begun.

We moved north, fought more trolls, but timed seemed to blur in a sticky haze as the Thunder wrapped itself around us. It was over before I knew it, a mesh of betrayal, pain, and electricity.

The fatigue did not fade until we reached the shoreline of the lush southern jungle, Krasarang, on a boat several days later. It turned out that Darkstrike had injected me with a weakening poison to cover her escape. Sunshard had warned me not to trust her. I was still unsure. The woman had held me captive and also saved my life just as many times. She was going to be imprisoned if she had not escaped during the final battle… Was there a final battle?

From my brief recovery, things improved little. Pandaria was unpredictable, and we were left on the back foot when Dawnlake drained us of mana during a meeting. Several scouting missions went awry until we at last mapped out the west. The Alliance controlled the east. Regardless, we were not there for long; shipped back to Silvermoon at last. The dark clouds seemed to part. I’d survived until leave.


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