Bloodied Heart: Jade Dreams

She’d made it out. She did not know how many others had. Eventually, she would, through death or retreat. Her armour was ripped and bloodied and her face smeared with dirt. And it felt as though she had lost everything. This was what they had to contend with now; their own emotions seeped out of the ground and fought to control them, rather than the other way around.

The way it was going, the Sha would easily win. From what she could see after teleporting away, the Sha had turned the Serpent’s Heart into a wasteland and moved on to the Temple, battering the walls. For everyone’s sakes, she hoped the Pandaren were better at combating the Sha than the others were.

It was too late to do anything now. So she turned and headed for the rendezvous point agreed on two weeks prior – the Bloodcrystals set up in the vicinity of Twinspire, a southern keep taken by the Forsaken at the start of the campaign. Had she held herself together, she would have been able to teleport via her own crystal; in the panic it had been lost and she had been forced to teleport as far away as she could see.

Given the distance made across the Forest already, it only took a few hours to reach Twinspire. At several points she was not sure if she was dreaming or not.

For the first section of the journey she made her way parallel to the main road from the cliffs above, and found herself tormented by shadows; sha leaping from every hiding spot to mess with her head, until she stopped before the Alliance villages convinced that she was going insane.
Left alone Behind Foolish to Abandoned by your No way Out of this Take over the You will be Join Us Join Us Join Us-

‘ENOUGH!’ She screamed as loud as she could, venting arcane magic all over the place. The blast cleared the area of shrubs and the sha went flying.

The rain lightened, and she could hear again. The sha did not bother her journey after that. Eventually she reached Twinspire. It was pitiful. The place had been wrecked from within by the death of the commander and infighting between the Orcish troops and the Forsaken. The forward point, Garrosh’ar, was no longer contacting them. But gradually, over the next few days, stragglers reappeared, and the Convocation regrouped. The Archons again assumed control, and it was as before. Except everything had changed. But no one would say a word about it.

Back to war. She remained quiet and kept watch as the group made its way south to try and request aid from Garrosh’ar.

Garrosh’ar was wrecked when they reached it, the place encompassing nothing but Sha energy now. It was old damage, for the Sha were already weak and translucent from lack of emotion.

It was too late. They turned to go back, and the remainder of the Alliance began to fight the forces at Twinspire. They would all fall, and the Sha would begin to absorb them. Even now they could feel the rejuvenation in the Sha as they brightened and moved towards the north, ignoring the Convocation. There was only one route now.



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