Bloodied Heart: Doubt

The monstrous being of twisted shadow limbs reared up above them, a primal scream enveloping the land in an expanding blanket of darkness.

She awoke from her walking sleep. For the past few days they’d moved south as a part of the tangled mess of Hozen and Horde soldiers, neither within nor without. She knew what was going to happen. She had seen it before. The Alliance would have an army, and the Horde would have an army. There would be no winners. Only handfuls of survivors. Thanks to the Sha, she was no longer sure which group she wanted to be in. She certainly held no hope of her own survival. The pouring rain disguised her from any suspicion of the grey tinges; the monsoon was making it hard to speak, let alone be heard. Soon enough (for time was beginning to blur into an endless march of death) they reached the Serpent’s Heart.

At some point prior the place had been evacuated. The giant behemoth of the Jade Serpent’s visage loomed above them, gleaming green out of the darkness. It was due to be unveiled in a few days, and the cycle of the Celestial would continue.

It was never unveiled.

The battle erupted while they were still a mile away, the far-off sound of steel upon flesh rebounding off every surface as though given some magical amplitude. A whisper followed every sound.

You are too weak to fight… They saw the blockade.

They are going to get you killed… They reached the bridge.

Is this what you want? They fought the waterspeakers.

Run while you still can. The bear charged. The bridge collapsed.

Give in to your doubt, for I am FREE.

Suddenly, everything sped up. Explosions loosed around her as the Alliance were swept downstream. They ducked and dived as fire soared overhead, and soon was replaced with earth driven from the ground. Roars were replaced by screams. A tremendous groan came from beneath them. The statue cracked, shuddered, and began to fall. The impact was feet away, the great head of the serpent throwing a wave of dirt that knocked them to the floor. They were saved only by the statue splitting in the middle.

Long after the impact, the ground continued to shake.


The ground began to shake more, and the air grew quiet.


The whispers increased, buzzing around her head until she felt faint; all the breath was being drawn from her.

And then it was gone.


The ground split open, throwing them back across the river, and shadows seeped out, filling the air with screams of evil pleasure. They flew around the area cackling, growing bigger and bigger as the sky overhead sundered. The sun went out. The rain stopped.

Only… shadow.

It looked at them. And it roared. And shadow enveloped all around her.


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