Wrathion, the Black Prince

In the aftermath of the Klaxxi’s appeal to the Golden Lotus for aid from pandaren, Pandaria briefly fell silent. The threat of the Sha became public, and many of the villages sent their best warriors to the wall to help the Shado-Pan. I was not pressed into service, and instead travelled. Though the Sha of Fear still roamed the Heart of the mantid empire, it was contained. I had fought longer than I realised on this continent, but I wished to see it.

My journey took me back east, through the Vale and down the Veiled Stair. It was at the Tavern in the Mists that I was met by a curiously garbed man.

‘Excuse me, kind woman. I am handing out… leaflets to all who pass through here, raising awareness of the battle going on. I would be most appreciative if you killed any mogu or mantid you see in Pandaria. I will pay handsomely for their relics, should you find any. Thank you for your time.’

With his curious message, I was on my way.


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