The Future of the Sha, 5.1 Edition

Until I quest through the 5.1 content, this will only be a minor addendum to my earlier post.

So, I was wrong on several counts from beta knowledge. The Sha of Fear started out in the Temple of Niuzao, rather than my version, where it somehow absorbed the roles of all the others.

Anyway, the Sha primes have for the most part been defeated, and Pandaria is hit hard, but recovering much better than I expected – the Temple of the Red Crane scenario shows the devastation entirely gone, so I’d say we can expect the effects of the Sha of Fear to have died down entirely by 5.2 if none are released before then. If. It’s of course a guarantee, but it remains to be seen how it will happen. What I find notable is that despite the initial (as in the first quest) battles on Krasarang’s shore being even bigger than any that have occurred to release the Primes, we aren’t seeing any effects yet. I have no idea what this is down to.

I’m leaning towards the idea that Garrosh corrupts himself rather than Wrathion playing a part now, because the things I have heard spoilers for (Divine Bell, Dalaran, Dagger in the Dark….) suggest his ‘corruption’ is far more advanced than I was anticipating. There might yet be other causal factors.

Provided I get through the 5.1 content in 5.1 (no guarantee, I only started heroic 5 mans yesterday) I will make another post discussing any tinfoil hat ties I can find. Unfortunately Mists’ daily system is making it extremely hard for me to be able to do the dailies for both sides for long enough to unlock all the content – but at least I shouldn’t have to quest for too long for either (~ a month from what I’ve read).


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