Bloodied Heart: To Pandaria

The month passed like a blur, a list of conflicts, a series of red dots on a map, until she was flung onto a boat and sent forth to the mysterious land of Pandaria.

She had only just begun to exit the haze of grief. She had barely seen any pandaren, barely paid attention to discussion of them.

The Sunchaser had dropped them off in a little fishing village. The fishermen had never seen such an elaborate vessel, but she stared at the ground as they disembarked and arrayed awaiting their ambassador, Kal’es. A fairly hostile crowd had begun to form before she ran up and ushered them out, along the road to Dawn’s Blossom.

Rather predictably, nothing exciting happened along the entire passage. Pandaria was a peaceful land, so she’d been told, and she was content to speak little and do less until they reached the ornate marble capitol of the Jade Forest.

The importance of the land began slowly to get through to her in the following days, when they moved to the Tian Monastery.

Within only the space of an hour of entering the sacred grounds, the Sha overtook Sorlain, Khairan, and left Edanna unconscious.

The Sha broke through her haze. Even in the far reaches of the Monastery they began to whisper.

Why do you remain?

Sorlain was defeated in single combat by an unarmed monk, and was barely held down.

They are not your friends. They sentenced your loved ones to death.

Khairan gave into his rage and leapt at Edanna.

Why do you trust them? Why do you follow them, believe them?

Edanna toppled head first down a staircase.

What do they have to give you, after you have given all you had?

She shook the thoughts off. There were too many dead – Rael, Varenus, Allayah, Sithrial – too many dead to let her stop now. She fought for something, brief and hazy as the concept was. Giving in would not help. But keeping it in was her only way to not break down now.


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