Bloodied Heart: Thunder’s Soul

It was near-enough imperceptible. A tiny change, a dot in the corner of her vision – but she felt it.


They had quickly moved away from the Monastery and back to Dawn’s Blossom, before heading north to Honeydew Village. The local nature sprites had pestered them on the way, but that all paled in comparison to Thunder Hold.

Thunder Hold.

It was meant to be a simple military exercise, but now even the name sickened her. The place had been coated in the oily mist of Sha energy. Only a few Alliance had been left, with barely any military value to the Convocation.

But they had routed them anyway.

She’d tried to secure the Quel’dorei there, hopeful that she’d be able to stop them killing her – but they may as well have done. They’d caught her just moments before she turned into a Sha, and weakened her to the point of death, draining her of mana and keeping her chained without food.

Even sneaking her mana gems in the guise of pebbles had not been enough to do a thing. They had gone to the brink of torture – but sometimes verbal assault is but enough.

She was no more than a few years younger than Keliera. And she had barely been able to stand the inquiry. Afterwards she had simply wandered into the forest and cried as the screams of the girl echoed into the night as they gradually wiped her mind, turning her into the perfect Sin’dorei soldier.

It was disgusting. And it had opened the door for the slow drip, drip, drip of Sha whispers to turn into a trickle. A now-endless tiny voice in her head, speaking at every action, responding to every order.


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