Mogu’shan Palace

The forces of the Vale swept into the Grand Foyer of the Palace, the entire place gilded with gold and lined with incredible red carpets. Great pieces of art lined the walls, and mogu littered the place. Yells came from far-off rooms, and we fought through the mogu forces until we reached the Crimson Assembly Hall – a massive room where the mogu king, Xin the Weaponmaster, and the three strongest mogu clans were arrayed.

‘These other clans aren’t worthy of your time, great king!’

‘The other clans are nothing!’

‘These other clans are beneath you!’

‘They have sullied the legacy of the mogu!’

‘Our clan holds true to the way of the ancients!’

‘We are the greatest!’

‘The mogu cannot reclaim our true glory without our clan’s strength!’

‘We deserve the king’s favour above all others!’

‘ENOUGH! Useless, all of you! Even the guards you’ve given me in tribute cannot keep these lesser beings from my palace! Prove yourselves now! Deal with these intruders! The clan who brings me their heads shall have my favour!’ We reached the centre of the room as Xin left, and the first clan leader stepped forward.

‘I am Haiyan the Unstoppable, and Clan Korgesh will demonstrate why only the strong deserve to stand at our king’s side!’ The clan leader attacked us with all his might, but the pandaren outfought him, and forced him back – and did the same to Kuai the Brute of Clan Gurthan, and Ming the Cunning of Clan Harthak. The strongest the mogu supposedly had to offer were defeated – but their huge clans still stood.

Rather than turning on us, however, the mogu gave in to bickering.

‘Only you would allow intruders into these halls!’

‘Only you would point a finger at the other clans when it is you to blame!’

We barely escaped the mogu before they began a massive melee in the centre of the room. We hurried to one side, and saw… saurok, running down a hidden staircase with untold amounts of treasure.

We were suddenly joined by projected imagery of several Lorewalkers, led by Cho. ‘Friends, you must not let the saurok get away with these artifacts, nor must you let the mogu discover them. These halls hold untold weaponry that the mogu could use to re-exert their entire grip over Pandaria!’

We headed down the forgotten passageway, taking out saurok, until we reached the huge rooms of the Vaults of Kings Past. Hundreds of massive vaults lined the walls of a huge underground cavern, filled with untold knowledge and power. The mogu had apparently forgotten it in their retaking of the palace. We set about clearing the room, eventually finding ourselves at the bottom of the room, surrounded by the largest vaults and facing off against a huge saurok known as Gekkan. He was joined by a legion of his own pillaging forces, and every one of those we brought down made him angrier and more reckless. Soon, we brought him down, and upon his death, a strange noise emitted from the back of the chamber.

In a ruined section of the chamber was a functioning mogu elevator that took us directly to the top floor of the palace, where Xin’s strongest troops were arranged and waiting for blood. We fought our way through the grandest mogu rooms many of us had ever seen, past the Bladelords’ Retreat and into ancient shrines to old mogu gods, until we finally reached the Throne of Ancient Conquerors, where Xin awaited.

‘What is this? More have to claim my crown? They are small, weak. You are not the first to challenge me, peons! You shall not be the last!’ Preceded by his imperial quilen guards, Xin attacked us.

Xin proved himself to be worthy of his title, filling the room with blood and smoke as he set off axe traps, caused the walls to fling swords, send fire hurtling from the roof and crossbows shooting as us. The room filled with panic and destruction, but we united and fought our way up to him. He shook the palace with his swings and blows, but he fell.

The room slowly cleared of smoke, and before us we saw the grand door, marked with the insignia and face of Lei Shen begin to roll open. The lorewalkers teleported in behind us.

‘What you have done today is unlock mysteries we never thought solveable. Today, we can venture into the halls of Mogu’shan that were never open to us before. With any luck, the trail of Lei Shen that grew cold here will once again grow warm. We Lorewalkers will study this region for now. Thank you, all of you – the power of the mogu here has been broken. The clans have been decimated. The unification of the mogu tribes behind Lei Shen may come to nothing as a result.’


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