Interlude 2

‘Wow, that’s the best story ever!’

‘The bits with the Sha are sooo epic!’

Keliera chuckled.

‘It wasn’t so epic to take part in. I was more worried about staying alive.’

‘But the Sha are gone now, right?’ The two elven children looked up at her in curiosity and mild fear.

‘The Sha were only ever negative emotions. Do you ever get scared, or angry?’ The children nodded. ‘Then the Sha are within you. The only way you can get rid of them is by being brave, peaceful, faithful… If you master the emotion, you master the Sha. That is all you need. The Sha I fought were not my own emotions, they were those of an emperor – and he had the knowledge that the world as he knew it would end causing his.’


‘Now, go to sleep.’

‘Night, grandmama!’

‘Good night.’

The old elf kissed her grandchildren on the heads, and turned out the lights.


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