Terror at Halfhill: Salyis’ Warband

This happens at an unspecified point during Keliera’s time in Halfhill.

‘Keliera! Come quickly! We’re under attack!’

I was roused from sleep immediately. ‘What’s going on?’

‘The largest band of saurok raiders in Pandaria’s attacked the Silken Fields, and they’re coming here next!’

Most of Halfhill had formed into a loose army by the time I arrived, ready to defend their town – as well as a few defenders from elsewhere in the Valley. I joined Falicia in a scouting group headed along the river to scout out what was happening at the Fields.

When we reached the fields, it was devastated. Huge swaths of the land were up in flames, and across from it the largest mushan I had ever seen – upwards of 20 feet tall and wide enough to house a whole saurok band – fired large fireballs from two cannons attached to its shoulders.

‘I guess this is why they call it the Rumbling Terrace. Look, there’s the army!’

As we watched, the Halfhill defenders charged the mighty mushan – Galleon – and began to cut at its heels. The saurok defenders began to shoot them down.

‘They’ve got no cover! Come on, everyone, let’s show them what happens to those who attack peaceful lands.’ With that, we unleashed our own volley of arrows and magic at the saurok raiders, searing the great mushan beast. It roared in pain and stomped hard, knocking most of the  defenders off their feet.

The great beast turned to us, and directed by its master, fired shots of fire at us.

‘Into the river, quickly!’ We dived out of the way, the fireballs exploding on impact and destroying the ground we had stood on seconds before.

‘It’s more like a fortress than a beast…’

‘No time for that, if we let despair cloud our thoughts then we’re bound to lose.’

The pandaren defenders had done enough damage to the beast that the warband began to dismount it and fight them head-on. The beast’s thick hide was all but impervious to further strikes, however, and we distracted it from afar while the defenders struck the warband down one by one.

We were winning, and as the warband realised this the great mushan turned and threw more fire at them, decimating their ranks.

‘This isn’t going to work.’ I insisted. ‘We need a co-ordinated strike. They’re powerless if we bring the beast down.’

Falicia agreed. ‘Everyone, focus on the mushan’s head!’ We loosed volley after volley of magic and steel, and the beast roared in pain and fell over, blinded. The warband continued to fight on, but realised the pointlessness without their mushan, and fled, jumping off the cliffs back into the Wilds.

We had barely won. Halfhill was saved. The traumatic encounter had barely lasted ten minutes.

Salyis’ Warband has not been heard of since, though they probably still dwell in the Wilds, awaiting the chance to deal back the humiliation they were served by the pandaren that day. The Halfhill villagers adopted Galleon, and he soon grew into a faithful and loyal mushan, served much more humility and kindness than the saurok had. Led by skilled pandaren drivers, the blind mushan became the Valley of the Four Winds’ best delivery mushan in recorded history. With their strongest raiding group defeated, the terror that the saurok had exerted over tradesmen and travellers was broken, and many of their raiding groups shrank back into the Wilds.


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