Mists of Pandaria Liveblog/Jade Forest Part 1

Quick intro, I decided to liveblog (then post later) my thoughts as they happen both from my perspective and my character Keliera’s perspective. Keliera just went through Theramore and the death of some close family, so she is bitter as all get up right now. I’m happy, since my copy of MoP arrived 3 days early ON LAUNCH DAY.

Let’s begin. I’m in Dalaran with a ton of mail. Ignoring that for now and going to dump my bag contents in the bank then head to Orgrimmar.

Ten minutes later I’ve arrived in Orgrimmar. XD

We have been ordered to report to General Nazgrim in Orgrimmar, the surviving leader of the (unsuccessful) Vashj’ir Offensive. What city full of innocents shall we be destroying today, I wonder?

Right. Through void storage and bank dumping, I now have 86 spaces in my bag. Now to train Zen Master in my professions!

There are huge crowds of soldiers in the Valley of Strength, all waiting for reassignment. The orcs seem jovial. At least someone’s enjoying this.

Aaand ready.

I’ve been here fifteen minutes already. What does this pointless waiting serve? Oh, we’re going in now.

Oh, cutscene. Wow. Garrosh has a face. Nazgrim seems pretty nice. Garrosh’s characterisation is out the window already. And I’m guessing I don’t see this ICly. Nazgrim’s voice actor is Hamuul’s. CHEATS.

A… new land…

Full of promise, and hope, and no war…

And we’re going to butcher it.

Well, I don’t have a choice. I must survive this war for Silvermoon.

To Bladefist Bay we go!

I had to take a wyvern with me to the gunship. I hate gunships. They over-compensate. Anyway, I don’t have much time to dictate. We’re leaving soon.

I didn’t even notice this one was here. Was it here like the Skyfire?

Wait, maiden voyage? This thing hasn’t been tested yet?!

I hope there isn’t a long cutscene…

I can’t see anything in this mist. Where are we? I’ve lost all sense of direction. We’ve been here hours and nothing. This is a lost cause. I hope the Alliance got away.

Huh? Is that… land! Oh, sweet land! Green and mountains and- Alliance? Oh no.

Fire is already raining down from our ship, and they are- are those bombs? Oh god!

We’ve been hit! I can’t see! There’s fire! I-

Wow. This is impressive cutscening.

… Are those alarms? I don’t have an alarm in my room.. Someone turn it off..

Oh gods, the ship! Where are we? I can’t see! We’re on fire! General?!

I need to get to the cannons before we crash! We’re still being fired at! Agh!


Oh… My god! A temple! The Alliance are all over it. Must I fire at this?

Agh! That fireball says yes.

Well, it’s them or me. I do what I must.

I think we’re winning. Most of their cannons are down, they’re running – What is that place? Oh god, the ship’s been hit again! What if we go down?

First quest done. This staff is hideous and far inferior to my own.

Their firepower is down. It’s quieter now. I’m being assigned to a ground assault.

I hate close fights. I hate rappelling down from a gunship in the midst of battle moreso.

Momentary interruption since I fell off the gunship and broke the quest. Ran around and hearthed before I found the portal to the gunship.

Ugh. Here goes nothing.

Hang on- is the engine room on fire?!

No no no I don’t want to go ye-WHooaaaaaaaa!!

Oh. Well that was not as far down as I thought it was.

This is all beautiful so far.

… What are those things that that building’s support beams are based off? They look humanoid.. Well, I guess I have to get my hands dirty sooner or later. At least Velore is with me.


There’s fire all over the place. I can barely tell what’s going on long enough to cast spells. I think the fire is damaging the Alliance more than I am.

It’s not too crowded. CRZ’s seem to be working. Quest target respawn is a little slow I should conjure food and eat it stupid me.

Huh? What is this thing? It’s like a mote… the congealed masses of nature we found in Outland…

I think things are pretty much over. I can’t see any living Alliance, and all their supplies are on fire.

I guess I’d better head up top and regroup.

I think I’m in some kind of forest. I can see some ocean bluffs from this high up. The gunship survived, at least. I’m not sure where my hawkstrider ended up. I hope he’s okay.

Of course the Alliance captain is stuck above us. How quaint. Not like he’d lead the charge or anything.

This place seems abandoned. The place looks like some sort of temple and it’s covered in webbing. But it’s not damaged at all and all the lighting and statues have survived. It must be recently abandoned – that or it’s owned by some big spiders.

It’s all been barricaded by the Alliance. I think there are more troops in here than there were outside! But at least flare guns are effective – as is tearing the Alliance apart with magic. I think this place is coming down. I can see rubble falling. Well, let’s get this over with quickly.

The coward’s got a gyrocopter!

No, they wouldn’t!


That gap there is her being knocked out again, just a friendly reminder.

Uh…. What happened? Is the ship alright? I have to see-

Huh. I guess our way home is gone. I’m too tired to teleport. And it looks like the ship took out a tower and a swathe of forest, too. How did the Alliance hide an entire air base in this place? Well, I suppose we have to- Nazgrim?

Nazgrim? Oh god, Nazgrim, what’s happening to you? He’s gone all dark and he’s screaming – what’s wrong with him!?

His arms! They’ve gone like a fleshbeast’s – I – hang on, what’s that thing?!

Some kind of bear-man… He took the energy straight from Nazgrim and now it’s… on the floor. Dead. Like it was living energy. Pandaria… what kind of land have we crossed?

This place is filled with… energy. Living negative energy that our battle unleashed?

I don’t understand it at all. But these things are here, and I must fight them to get to the forest and aid the survivors. Get them to that town across the battlefield.

There are larger ones and smaller ones. They make me feel hatred and violence and negativity whenever they near me. Their jaws are endless pits of emotional drowning. But I feel calmer when they are gone. I must get through. Then I may get an explanation. They seem to die to magic fairly easily.

At least the ruins made it through the battle intact. I would hate to be trapped with these things. Agh! There is some kind of… blinding energy on the floor downstairs. It hurts me to be near it, like my soul is in pain… I need to get outside!

I managed to get out by a quick bout of invisibility – the outside is not much better. Some of these wretched creatures are perched outside shooting dark energy at the green lands below. And the dead – they have raised the dead from the battle, converted them into twisted walking corpses. It is sickening. I need to get out of here. I will have to make a jump into the water below and hope that I can aid my fall with magic. Here goes nothing!

This is all so amazing and beautiful and I wish I could play forever.

Our supplies are all burnt out down here. The forest is intact. I need to look for survivors of the crash. I think the gunship is to the south.

Oh my goodness! The predators here – some kind of tiger – are all infested too. This energy is spreading beyond the battlefield!

There are two of those funny bear-people here. And one of our troops! They must have aided him. They seem awfully sad.

… I’m sorry? You want me to help you with spilt ale? There are people dying and corrupted wildlife! These people are insane!

I think I’m going to have to help them if I’m to get through this forest without being eaten by corrupted cats. A pity, these cats look so beautiful.

Apparently, this place is the Honeydew Glade. The ruins I was at are known as Thunder Hold, and they overlook the Spiritsong River. How interesting. With the battle over this place is pretty beautiful. It reminds me of Eversong. I do miss it.

There don’t seem to be many survivors. And the energy corrupting these cats can’t be removed without their death. This is not a good aftermath. It’s taking quite a while to get near Hellscream’s Fist.

Huh. There’s some kind of farm here. Was. It’s on fire now. I wonder if I can help out. This is my mess, at least partly.

My goodness, the corn here is incredibly tall. If only Durotar had such farms we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Those people with the ale said that the … man? I saw earlier was called Tarun Zhu. Apparently he’s some sort of monk. I only found four survivors, but I think I’d better head to the village. I’m already pretty drained from fighting such an extended battle.

Honeydew Village… Sergeant Gorrok is talking with the mayor and Tarun Zhu. I suppose I had better report in.

Those things earlier were a greater effect than ever seen? This is the tip of the iceberg of war. This doesn’t sound good.

By the Light, Tarun Zhu is riding some kind of flying serpent…

I think I will rest here for the night and help out in the morning, when things are clearer. I could use some calm after this storm.

That’s all for tonight!



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