Fresh Growth – Chapter 10

The damning silence and its implications seemed to last forever. Someone, somewhere, had a copy of every piece of Horde military and technological information that had once been located in these walls. Somehow, Mida regained her senses.

“Elf-girl, come with me a minute. Krogg, you’re in charge of the Harbour until I can get back to you.” Mida led me quickly out of the room and back through to the main building, both of us trying to keep from running – why we were so desperate to run, I wasn’t quite sure.

“Right, now we’re alone. Protocol dictates that you shouldn’t be allowed to go like this, but this is no time for protocol. I have to go and inform Orgrimmar. As soon as this all calms down, I give you my word that we will try and undo as much of the damage as possible. I know that’s not enough for your people. But given the circumstances, it’s all we can do right now. And I’ll make sure we restrict Horde movement in Ashenvale until this is all sorted. But I can’t guarantee the response of the rest of the Horde – especially if there’s any counterattack.

I know I’m the wrong person to tell you this, but the last thing we need in all this is retaliation. My cartel was neutral – once. We understand you as much as we understand the orcs. Up until a few months ago, our job was to know everything possible so that we could aid you both as best we could – profit played a large part in that, but we goblins keep our eyes on the future as well. There’s no point in us making profit off the world’s death today if the world will be dead tomorrow.”

“Thank you. Thank you so much. I’ll do my best.”

“Good luck.”

I sprinted out of the front door and leapt onto the gryphon. I was in the air before the guards could react. From below, Mida cried out.

“What are you lunkheads doing? That elf’s getting away!”

The racket of gunfire sounded from below harmlessly. It was too late to catch me, as Mida intended.

The hippogryph flew effortlessly back through the wilds of Azshara, goblin life sleeping below me. I envied those who had no idea how the world had changed tonight. But I did not envy those who had no care about it.

Kalandrios mumbled up at me. He looked disturbed by my sudden leave. I pulled him out of the carrier and into my arms, murmuring softly to him. Don’t worry. It’ll be over soon. We have to get to Raene.

Eventually, I saw the twinkle of the Southfury River, cutting its way south. As I flew over it dawn broke behind me and the light burst off it. I blinked, trying to accustom, as the light illustrated the depths of Ashenvale’s devastation.

The explosion had felled almost all of the Silverwind Basin and in the east, the fire had made it past Falfarren and began cutting into Nightsong Woods, but it looked to have struggled making it far in, and it was all extinguished there. Along the northern front it had stopped by Raynewood Tower, and in the west the area around Starfury Spire had been burnt out too – but the tower still stood. Hopefully the sentinels there were safe.

I looked down towards Splintertree Post as we approached it. The forces there were gathered, bleary-eyed and almost in shock, most able to see the devastation from the elevated structures. I noticed a few tauren gathered in a ritual circle. I had little time to identify what they were doing before the hippogryph began to lower in altitude. Of course – the hippogryph was from the Tower.



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