Fresh Growth – Chapter 1

This is a lot smaller than I thought it was when I wrote it out, just under 400 words, but it was a good cut-off point 🙂 Enjoy!


‘We are the preservers of the balance, now and forever, as Malfurion lies in the Dreaming. Never forget this.’ – Kal of Dolanaar.

– Four months later –

The earth scattered lightly as I paced along the forest floor, bound for Raynewood Retreat. I had been walking less than an hour, but night loomed overhead already – Spring had only just begun, after all.

I wasn’t comfortable with it.

Ever since the Shattering I had tried, almost desperately, to avoid being left alone with my thoughts. With each new star in the sky, my resolve waned further. I couldn’t think about him now, not on a job as important as this. I looked to Kalandrios, asleep in his kodo-hide carrier, for support. I choked up. They’d all said he was the spitting image of his – his father, behind closed doors, of course…

No. Don’t think about it… but it was too late… Blue hair and lilac skin, and eyes as deep as the ocean itself… the ocean… just for one last smile again…

I sank down onto my knees, tears stinging me like they had countless times in the last few months. I didn’t know when I’d stopped walking.

Not now, Oriet. This can wait.

But you don’t want to stop waiting… Waiting for Jalion to come back.

Kalandrios tugged on my hair, forcing me to hear the heaviness of my breathing, feel my aching sobs, hurt from the tears running down my face. He didn’t mean to, of course. He just knew something was wrong.

I hugged him closer to me, feeling his chest rise as mine fell. I needed to stay strong. If not for me, but for him. He was my life now. I had something left of Jalion. I was lucky, luckier than others, perhaps.

But I didn’t feel like it.

I eventually re-centred myself below the glow of the moon, feeling a new calm flow through me. Ashenvale, for one glorious moment, was silent under the grace of the moon.


I was winded and flung six feet across the road by the impact of the air before I had time to react. As I rolled over and landed on my back, clutching my infant son tightly, a wave of fire raced overhead inches from my face, crashing all around me and plunging night-time Ashenvale into chaos as the stars twinkled overhead, oblivious.


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