About Incoming Posts

Basically, I’m going to split my posts into a couple areas:

Firstly, there’s a ‘Drafts’ category which is where I eventually am going to store everything that is essentially a draft that I’m not thinking about using.

Secondly, I may make a miscellaneous category for the others or just keep them uncategorised depending on how I’m feeling.

Thirdly, the story I haven’t written yet but intend to write which is the main reason for my making this blog will probably have its own category, because I intend to write it as a serial (that is, I will spellcheck, edit, and upload each chapter individually as soon as I consider that I’ve reached an appropriate cut-off point. Each chapter will have its own post, and the story will end where I think it should end (I know where that is already, but the important part is the getting to it) or may continue if I don’t think it should end. Simples.


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